Watch Dirk Nowitzki Bobblehead Travel to Near Space

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Dirk Nowitzki nearly went to space.

Fine, maybe not Dirk himself. But if you believe in living vicariously, his bobblehead did.

The Dallas Mavericks wished him a nice trip via Twitter:

Confusion instantly arose.

Let us clarify.

Nowitzki's bobblehead was recently attached to a relatively giant balloon. The launch occurred in the small Texas town of Cleburne, an hour southwest of Dallas. Three cameras were placed between the balloon and the bobblehead to document the float to near space.

The bobblehead reached 94,630 feet or nearly 18 miles above Earth. As a comparison, Felix Baumgartner's jumped from 24 miles above Roswell, NM during his record-breaking skydive last October. 

The Mavericks said the bobblehead landed 40 miles away from the launch point and was in flight for nearly 100 minutes.

In a seemingly reasonless, but awesomely visual act, it was later revealed that the Mavericks were utilizing the video as a campaign for ticket sales.

If you really want a piece of this unique history, you'll be able to have it. For a presumably steep price.

The Mavericks organization will place the bobblehead on sale (via Not only did it travel to near space, but it will be signed by Nowitzki himself.

If you're a fan of irrationally awesome memorabilia, this is for you.

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