Philadelphia Flyers: 5 Reasons Why Philly Could Become a Hockey Town

Michael PizzutilloCorrespondent IIIJanuary 16, 2013

Philadelphia Flyers: 5 Reasons Why Philly Could Become a Hockey Town

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    Philadelphia has long been labeled a "football town" or a "baseball town." But this upcoming Philadelphia Flyers season could sway Philly fans towards hockey.

    Even after a lockout, the Flyers always have their faithful followers. During this abbreviated season, more fans than ever may gravitate to the rink to take part in an exciting campaign.

    Here are five reasons why Philly could become a hockey town this season.

Eagles' Poor Season

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    Philadelphia has always cherished its beloved Eagles, but the mood has been a tad somber lately. The Eagles are coming off one of their worst seasons in a long time, leaving fans baffled.

    As the team enters this offseason with many unanswered questions, fans are still recovering from the hangover of a disappointing 2012. The only remedy for these symptoms is another winning team.

    Enter the Flyers.

    The Flyers totaled 103 points last season and easily clinched a playoff spot. With the core starters—sans Jaromir Jagr—returning to the squad, the team could succeed again.

    Philly fans desperate for a winner should follow the Flyers very closely.

Phillies Question Marks

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    Since 2008, when the Phillies won the World Series, fans have gravitated to Citizens Bank Park, creating an enormous Phan base.

    Unfortunately, after five consecutive NL East crowns, the team had a dismal 2012. The Phillies are full of youth in the outfield and seniors in the infield, and fans are anxious about the team's chances as it enters spring training and the new season.

    Phillies fans need a winner—now.

    If all goes well, the Flyers could be battling for the playoffs as baseball season gets underway. Until then, die-hard baseball fans should watch the Flyers in action and try to forget about last season's woes.

Battle at Wells Fargo Center

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    The Flyers share the Wells Fargo Center with the lovable Philadelphia 76ers, a team that has not won an NBA Championship since the 1982-1983 season. 

    Truth to tell, the Flyers have not won a title since 1975, but they did appear in the finals two seasons ago and have made the playoffs each season since 2007-2008.

    The 76ers are currently sitting near the bottom of the Atlantic Division and playing sub-par ball. According to ESPN, the team is ranked 20th in fan attendance this season—down six spots from 2012.

    The team is slowly losing its fan base, and arena management is desperately seeking a winner to fill the seats.

    The Flyers could be that team.

Shorter Season

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    During an interview with 94 WIP sports radio personality Angelo Cataldi, Flyer's star Scott Hartnell called the upcoming short season "playoff hockey for four or five months." (

    He could not have described it more perfectly. The season will require shorter rests, quick travel days and a playoff-type atmosphere. The players will need to remain healthy, as any injury could eat up a majority of starts. 

    This added pressure will be felt by the fans. Knowing each game is vital ups the ante. 

    And the playoffs begin much sooner after the season's start. Fans will not have to wait long for war, also known as the postseason, to be declared.

Fans Remain Loyal

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    The Flyers' faithful likely will remain loyal to their team, even after the NHL lockout.

    According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the team's open practice set a record with over 3,000 spectators in attendance, with some fans turned away at the door.

    Philadelphians are ready to put the lockout in the rear-view mirror. The city needs the Flyers, as much as the team needs its city.

    After last season's misery with the Eagles and Phillies, and the 76ers' horrible start, fans are due for a fresh treat.

    It's time for Philly to become a hockey town.