NC State Honors Fan Who Rushed Court in Wheelchair with Epic 'Roll Pack' Shirts

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 15, 2013

Photo Credit: CBS Sports
Photo Credit: CBS Sports

An already great story featuring a young fan in a wheelchair joining in on the post-game celebration of rushing the court gets even better, because the school released some official t-shirts commemorating the moment. 

CBS Sports reports the next big thing at NC State will be the t-shirts boasting a 'Roll Pack' on the front with a wheelchair emblem on the top. 

Here is an image to get you fans giddy over your next Wolfpack purchase. 

If you are a tad flummoxed at the image, you may not be familiar with the awesome tale of NC State senior, Will Privette. 

Privette, as reported by USA Today, has been in a wheelchair his whole life and was present at this past weekend's upset victory over Duke. 

As the clock dwindled to zero, Privette and scores of his fellow students and fans gathered on the sidelines. 

When the game ended, they all rushed the court, including Privette, who seems to be gobbled up by the masses in the video. 

It was truly a scary sight for anyone watching, but turned out fantastic in the end. 

Privette was just fine in the aftermath and was helped by NC State star, CJ Leslie, who had the crowd back away to give his classmate some room. 

In the end, Privette was thrilled to be on the court and we can't get enough of this developing story. 

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