NFL Draft 2013: Quarterbacks Who Are Failing to Impress

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IJanuary 16, 2013

GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 03:  Collin Klein #7 of the Kansas State Wildcats reatcs during the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl against the Oregon Ducks at University of Phoenix Stadium on January 3, 2013 in Glendale, Arizona.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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Monday marked the first day of practice for NFL prospects participating in the 2013 East-West Shrine Game this weekend.

While some quarterbacks improved their draft stock, several big names did nothing to alleviate scouts' concerns, including a Heisman finalist.

Here's a look at quarterbacks who aren't doing themselves any favors at the moment.


Collin Klein, Kansas State

As Steve Muench of ESPN pointed out, Collin Klein was able to make some short to intermediate throws early Monday, but over the course of practice he tossed an ill-advised interception and showed the same mechanical flaws that worry NFL scouts.

There's a reason why people are comparing Klein to Tim Tebow coming out of Florida. The good news is he rushed for 920 yards and 23 touchdowns this past season for Kansas State and could be used in the Wildcat in the pros. The bad news is his throwing motion could affect his accuracy and release time.

At this point, it's hard to see Klein being a starting quarterback in the National Football League.


Colby Cameron, Louisiana State

It may just be early jitters, but Colby Cameron did not look like an NFL-caliber quarterback on Day 1 of practice.

He was erratic, spraying the ball all over the field so badly that Bleacher Report's own Michael Schottey said, "the scouts he was apparently aiming for may need to be treated for PTSD."

As a relatively undersized quarterback who doesn't have the arm as some of the other players on the East-West Shrine Game roster, Cameron certainly can't afford to fall short in other categories.


Seth Doege, Texas Tech

Not only does Seth Doege come with questions surrounding his decision-making (he had 16 interceptions in 2012, tied for second-most in the nation), it's well-known that he doesn't have the greatest arm, and that was fairly evident in the first two days of practice, as noted by

Doege was able to complete the short to intermediate routes with regularity (as noted by Schottey), but he's limited if he can't throw the deep ball well. He needs to improve in that area.


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