Rafael Nadal: Return at the Brazil Open Is Huge Boost for Tennis

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJanuary 16, 2013

SITGES, SPAIN - NOVEMBER 26:  Rafael Nadal attends a press conference for 'Champions Drink Responsibly' by Bacardi on November 26, 2012 in Sitges, Spain.  (Photo by Robert Marquardt/Getty Images)
Robert Marquardt/Getty Images

The sport of tennis has missed the amazing play of all-time great Rafael Nadal while the star has been recovering from tendinitis in his left knee, but the wait to see the Spanish legend back on the court looks to be over.

According to a report from the Associated Press (via ESPN), Nadal will be returning to action at the 2013 Brazil Open, a tournament scheduled to start Feb. 11. He is also scheduled to participate in the Mexican Open in Acapulco starting Feb. 25.

Nadal hasn't been on a court since Wimbledon 2012—the veteran has been suffering from the knee tendinitis that has plagued him for the better part of a year (h/t ATPWorldTour.com)—and the sport of tennis has suffered without his presence.

While a great showing at the London Olympics and an exciting finish to the 2012 season gave tennis fans something to cheer for, Nadal is still one of the best talents on earth and people want to see him play.

The 26-year-old phenom is still at the peak of his career, and if he can get back 100 percent healthy and stay that way, there are few men in the sport that can stop him.

The problem over Nadal's recent career has been that he can’t stay away from injuries.

After taking over six months away from the game—allowing his body to heal and allowing himself to step away from the stresses of being the top player in the sport—tennis fans should expect to see a much more spry and enthusiastic Nadal back on the court.

The tour veteran has won at both the Brazil Open and the Mexican Open, so getting back on track couldn’t have come at two better locations for Nadal.

With a new attitude towards the game and a return to full strength and speed, there is little doubt that the fans of the sport are excited to have Nadal back on the court.

Opposing players aren’t as happy to have him back, though.