3MB: Are They the Modern Day Equivalent of the Honky Tonk Man in WWE?

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJanuary 16, 2013

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

3MB is WWE's newest entertainingly obnoxious song and dance act and has the potential to be every bit as infuriating and successful as the Honky Tonk Man.

This era is different than Honky Tonk's. WWE fans are different now too, but 3MB can still tap into what Honky Tonk Man did for years.

Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal recently became Heath Slater's miscast, poseur rock-star buddies. They continue Honky Tonk Man's lineage of combining music, hip-shaking and wrestling.

The Elvis impersonator and former WWE Intercontinental champ first entered the WWE scene in the late '80s.

Flanked by his manager, Jimmy "The Mouth of the South" Hart, Honky Tonk shimmied and crooned his way to fervent hatred from the crowd. He milked the cowardly villain angle, taking every cheap shot he could.

Here Honky Tonk and The Hart Foundation gang up on Randy Savage.

Not only is the scene rife with injustice, but Honky Tonk turns the moment far more despicable when he pushes Elizabeth to the ground.

As of yet, 3MB hasn't done anything of consequence.

To recreate Honky Tonk's magic, they're going to have to find someone to bully, someone beloved and adored by WWE fans. That and maybe a weapon or two.

Honky Tonk famously used his guitar as a weapon to assault both fans' ears and opponents' heads.

3MB would be wise to incorporate busting instruments on flesh. It worked wonders for Honky Tonk.

Say what you want about Honky Tonk's in-ring limitations or the goofiness of his gimmick, but the man had fans seething with anger. Smashing guitars over people's heads had a lot to do with that.

Garnering heat from crowds is far more difficult in the age of the Internet and the overly-informed fan, but 3MB has the potential to stir us up.

To do that, 3MB needs to sing more.

It was funny at first that Slater and friends were unwilling to perform, tossing out paper bravado instead. But in order to be relevant at all, 3MB needs to sing and to sing badly.

3MB can do far worse than that.

Honky Tonk actually sounded pretty good. Slater, McIntyre and Mahal should be able to sink to new lows with whatever songs they choose.

Perhaps it's something inspired by the maddeningly awful theme for the show Psych or just an exploration of how far off-key a human voice can travel.

They need to put on such wretched performances that fans can't help but throw their trash at the ring, that an arena collectively grinds their teeth and balls up their fists.

That way when someone comes out to shut up 3MB, they get a hero's welcome.

With WWE's support McIntyre, Slater and Mahal can do that. They can become the most cloying group of guys on the roster.

They can become what Honky Tonk Man was for years, a goofy, rock-n-rolling success.