John Wall and Ish Smith Got Silly with It, Pulled off Two Sick Moves in 1 Game

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 15, 2013

Monday's game between the Wizards and Magic featured two plays that were well worth the price of admission. 

This being the Internet, you get to see them here for free, or for the monthly rates of your Internet service provider. 

Anywho, a tip of the hat to SportsGrid for featuring two of my favorite plays this season, which all went down in the same game. 

First up is Ish Smith who bites horribly on John Wall attempting a shot under the basket. No worries, because he just jumps over the star guard who is recently back from injury. 

Oh, after he leaps Wall, he hops back and stuffs the Wizards' guard. We will go ahead and ignore, as Yahoo! Sports reports, that Smith was called for the foul and Wall hit both free throws. 

That was basically two plays worth of amazing packed into one tremendous play, but it came at a price. 

As the report cites, there was a little bit of retribution on the part of John Wall, who basically breaks Smith's ankles so badly, the Magic guard was left taking a quick nap on the court. 

It's hard to say which highlight play is the better, though I may have to side with Ish Smith because leaping over another NBA player is always applause-worthy. 

The fact that he had the mind to hop back and get the block is remarkable. Still, that behind-the-back, ankle-breaking move was ridiculous. 

Let's call this one a tie, a beautiful and mesmerizing tie. 

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