It's Official: Jay Cutler Is a Wuss

alton rexCorrespondent IApril 1, 2009

DENVER - OCTOBER 12:  Quarterback Jay Cutler #6 of the Denver Broncos fumbles the ball and turns it over as Pierson Prioleau #20 of the Jacksonville Jaguars defends during NFL action on October 12, 2008 at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Cutler dropped the ball. Screwed the pooch. Wet the bed.

A man pays you millions of dollars a year to play a kids game, and you're too petulant to answer your phone when that man's name shows up in your caller ID? Pathetic.

Be careful what you ask for Jay, you just might get it.

And I can promise you taking a wizz on Bowlen's shoes is not the way to put yourself in a situation where you can have anything like the kind of season you had last year.

It will serve you right if Mr. Bowlen sends your sorry, ungrateful ass off to the NFL equivalent of Siberia. I hope he trades you to Cleveland or Chicago.

Not that I'd wish your tutu-clad butt on the fans of either city, but you're going to find out pretty soon your cannon of an arm means little without Mike Shanahan's guidance, gifts, or offensive genius.

If it were up to me, I'd put you last on the depth chart in Denver, refuse to trade you, and make you wallow in your diapers for the next three years. If you don't report, I'd just fine you every penny of your salary until you do.

As to leading men of the NFL into battle in the arenas of the league? That's a joke.

You will never again achieve the performance levels you had in Denver, and you will only have yourself to blame.

You are the 2009 equivalent of Ryan Leaf's tirade with the media. Only you weren't bright enough not to bite the hand that feeds you. At least Leaf only blew it with the media.

Up to now, many Bronco fans have been defending you, and because of that you could have salvaged this situation.

Once those fans realize you didn't care enough about them to grow up a little bit and come back to the team, you will have lost everything of value from your time in Denver.

Those same fans are going to blame you for leaving.

Don't expect the next team you play for to give you a fat new contract this year either.

You're signed for three years, and if they pony up the goods to trade for you, they'll be paying too much to give you anything before you prove you're worth it to them to give you more.

Those pundits around the league who think you're the kind of talent who can secure a teams QB situation for the next 10 years are dreaming.

If you play more than three more years, it will only be as a second-rate backup to a QB with more heart and head than you've ever shown.

Don't be surprised if you ride the bench behind a guy with less of an arm either. Winning QB's in the NFL need more depth of character than you have ever shown.

I'm not wishing an injury on you—it would be hard for any physical injury to actually damage you more than you've already damaged yourself.

Any team thinking of trading for you should realize you will always take the low road when a clear choice is available.

You're not man enough to do the work and learn the humility to take the high road, and you've proven that beyond any shadow of a doubt.




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