Watch Nate Robinson Fire Back at His 'Favorite Player' Steve Novak

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Following his Chicago Bulls' drubbing of the Atlanta Hawks on January 14, guard Nate Robinson made an interesting remark at the close of his postgame interview on NBA TV. After saying goodbye, Robinson gave a shoutout to New York Knicks shooter Steve Novak, his "favorite player in the world."

Before any of you start scratching your heads as to why Robinson would name Novak as his favorite player, allow me to clarify his words. It was a backhanded comment.

You see, the Chicago Bulls have faced the New York Knicks three times this year, and have won each time. They last faced off on January 11, and Robinson mocked Novak's belt gesture following some made jumpers. Novak mentioned after the game how he liked kids imitating it, and that "Little Nathan" could be just like him some day.

Of course, 5'9" Robinson did not take kindly to that remark and called Novak a "clown."

Robinson's remarks following the Bulls game against the Hawks are thus nothing more than him ensuring that he has the last word. Talk about mature!

Look, I get it. Basketball is a game of trash talk, and that's all that Novak and Robinson are engaging in. However, Robinson has zero right to trash Novak.

Both players are three-point specialists, though Robinson is a better overall scorer, but Novak has accomplished more in his career already. He led the league in three-point percentage last season, and Robinson's greatest accomplishment thus far has been winning the Slam Dunk Contest three times.

I hate to say it, but Robinson needs to know his place. Unless he gets a meaningful regular season award or leads in a certain category, he has no right to make fun of Novak nor his signature move. If that's his way of labeling Novak as a one-sided player, then we have a severe case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Long story short, it's time for Robinson to put this to rest, shut up, and play the game. Otherwise, it will become a distraction from his solid season in the Windy City, which is not what the Bulls need with Derrick Rose's return drawing closer.

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