WWE: The Pairing of Dolph Ziggler & A.J. Lee Is a Mistake

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistJanuary 16, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

Dolph Ziggler and A.J. Lee might look like the WWE's power couple, but the pairing of these two wrestlers is a mistake.

For Dolph Ziggler, this is a move from Vickie Guerrero, who served as a mouthpiece and a way for Ziggler to get cheap heat, to A.J. Lee, whose crazy antics easily take the focus off of Ziggler.

This pairing is also a waste of time for A.J. Lee.  Why isn't she being used in the Divas division? She is one of the most popular Divas, yet is held outside a division that desperately needs her.

Then there's Big E. Langston, who is the wrestling child of this pairing. He currently acts as the muscle for Ziggler and Lee, but what will his future be? Is he doomed to be a bodyguard for the rest of his career? 

The pairing of A.J. Lee and Dolph Ziggler was a mistake. Both wrestlers need to be pushed forward in the company and deserve their own time in the spotlight. They have been paired together instead of being given the chance to see what they might do on their own.


A Sinking Ship

The Divas division is a sinking ship in the WWE. With the recent departure of Eve and a lack of Divas at the top, the division is going nowhere fast.

And while there are a couple of Divas Kaitlyn could defend her title against, such as Tamina, without a doubt A.J. Lee should be used as a major competitor in the division.

With her popularity and already proven ability to play a heel or a face, A.J. is what the dying division needs to keep it afloat.

Instead, she is tied up with Dolph Ziggler, screaming on the sidelines as he fails to overcome John Cena.

Has the WWE forgotten that A.J. Lee is a wrestler?

Pairing her with Ziggler and sticking her in the manager-esque role is a big mistake. Especially since she could be used to feud with Kaitlyn for the Divas title.

A.J. would easily stand out on her own, but instead, the WWE decided to pair her with Ziggler and make her act like a screaming child from the sidelines.


From One To The Next

The pairing of A.J. Lee and Dolph Ziggler is also a mistake for Ziggler.

He finally dropped Vickie Guerrero as a manager just to have her replaced with another manager?

Vickie would scream and shout to draw heat, and while A.J. might not be as disliked as Vickie was, Lee runs around the ring screaming and shouting like she did during Ziggler's steel cage match this past Monday night.

Ziggler needed to stand out on his own, but instead of giving him a chance, WWE paired him with Lee.

She is a mismatch for Ziggler, specifically because she takes the spotlight away from him.

Her crazy actions, like climbing the steel cage, distract from the wrestler that Ziggler is. 

While he does speak out more than he did with Vickie, it's time for Dolph to stand on his own and actually wrestle without needing outside interference to win.

He needs to stand on his own and not be held down by A.J.’s crazy-chick gimmick.

Moving from Vickie to Lee won’t make Ziggler look any more like a top wrestler. Pairing him with Lee was a mistake, especially since he has what it takes to be a top wrestler in the WWE.


The Aftermath

The pairing of Ziggler and Lee does not only affect them, but Big E. Langston as well. Soon after the Shield was brought up from NXT, Langston found himself being brought up as well.

Was the move too soon? Only time will tell, but with the surge of new talent coming up, Langston might get lost in the crowd.

Especially when Lee and Ziggler part ways.

Where will Langston go when this "power couple" splits up? Will he continue to stick by A.J. or will the WWE try and throw him into singles competition?

It might be hard for Langston in the singles scene, since he hasn't wrestled outside NXT. His current role as a body guard isn't preparing him for a singles competition push.

Whenever Lee and Ziggler call it quits, Ziggler may end up struggling as well. Daniel Bryan went from being in the WWE Championship spotlight and looking like a top wrestler to doing backstage comedy with Kane after his split with A.J. Lee.

Will something similar happen to Ziggler?

The pairing of Dolph Ziggler and A.J. Lee is a mistake. These two should have gone their separate ways instead of being thrown together. 

Both Ziggler and Lee should be used for better things, but instead, they may end up hurting each other's momentum heading into the future.