Craigslist Ad Calls for Cowboys Fans to Time Travel, Stop Jerry Jones

Zach KruseSenior Analyst IJanuary 15, 2013

CHARLOTTE, NC - OCTOBER 21:  Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys during their game at Bank of America Stadium on October 21, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

At least one fan of the Dallas Cowboys has an idea for reversing the last decade or so of suffering from its fanbase: Time travel, Back to the Future style. 

On the classified advertisements website Craigslist, an unidentified Cowboys fan from the Dallas area is offering up a 1982 DeLorean time machine to the "first Cowboys fan that wants it."

There's just one condition. The fan that takes the car originally portrayed in the 1980's science fiction films must use it to travel back in time and stop owner Jerry Jones from becoming the ultimate czar of the Cowboys' franchise.

Here's the look and language of the ad:

The Cowboys' last Super Bowl win came after the 1995 season, when Dallas beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX. Since then, the Cowboys have made the playoffs seven times and won the NFC East just four times. 

The real problem is the Cowboys' 2-7 playoff record since 1995-96. Dallas hasn't reached the NFC title game since, falling in the Divisional Round three times and the Wild Card four. 

To be fair, Jones assumed control over all football operations shortly after buying the team for $140 million in February of 1989. He fired longtime head coach Tom Landry, installed Jimmy Johnson in that position and then took over control of operations soon after. 

Currently, only two NFL owners have control over football operations: Jones and Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown. 

Still, the advertisement is a symbol of where Cowboys' fans stand on Jones continuing to be the general manager and ultimate decision-maker for the franchise. 

With results lacking over the last decade or so, the fanbase in Dallas wants a change in the man calling all the shots. Apparently, they'll go to any means—including the forced-upon use of a time-traveling car—to get that change completed.