Manchester City: Noises from Dzeko, Aguero Ominous as Sky Blues Chase United

Phil Keidel@@PhilKeidelContributor IIJanuary 15, 2013

Dzeko is City's leading scorer, so naturally he is thinking aloud about leaving the club. Naturally.
Dzeko is City's leading scorer, so naturally he is thinking aloud about leaving the club. Naturally.Michael Regan/Getty Images

Edin Dzeko is openly discussing leaving Manchester City during the current transfer window, per the Mirror.

Pablo Zabaleta is denying suggestions that Sergio Aguero's recent divorce from his wife, Giannina (daughter of Argentine uber-legend Diego Maradona), is a distraction or possible impetus for a transfer of Aguero's own, according to

And Roberto Mancini thinks Mario Balotelli gives him agita.

It is difficult for the outsider to comprehend how Mancini sleeps at night. Dzeko and Aguero have been solid Citizens during their respective tenures in Manchester, which makes their recent off-the-field rumblings even more disquieting.

Lest anyone forget, it was an extra-time goal from Dzeko that tied City's final game of last season against Queens Park Rangers at 2-2. Without that tally, Aguero's title-winning strike at the death would never have occurred.

Smash cut to the present day, however, and the table shows that City are seven points behind Manchester United in the title race after having bombed miserably out of Champions League play.

That title parade through the streets of Manchester sure seems like it happened a long time ago.

Dzeko's words with reference to the possibility of leaving the Sky Blues were not incendiary or disrespectful. Like the man himself, Dzeko's observations tend to be pretty reserved.

"I am a City player right now, and I don’t see a reason to talk about anything else... but yes, I love Bundesliga and would love to go back there some time,” Dzeko told the Mirror.

So Dzeko didn't tell Mancini to transfer him or else, but he didn't exactly say he will do anything to end his career in a City shirt, either.

Dzeko continues to chafe at the notion of being a "super-sub."

“People can say whatever they want, but I’m not a super-sub and I never will be," continued Dzeko.

As for Aguero, the golden boy whose goal ended a 44-year title drought for Manchester City, he probably had nowhere to go but down after that moment.

Right on cue, the 2012-13 Premier League season has been less than kind to Aguero.

Aside from the recent distraction from his personal life, Aguero has suffered two injuries significant enough to cause him missed games.

In fact, Aguero's season opened with a warning note, as he crumpled to the ground at the Etihad against Southampton with what looked like a serious knee injury.

Presently, he is recovering from a hamstring tear sustained two weeks ago; he may return for the upcoming match against Fulham, according to ESPN.

Not a moment too soon, either, to hear David Silva tell it.

Silva, like Dzeko, is not known for running off at the mouth. And this makes his recent pronouncement that City cannot afford to lose another game in the Premier League this season somewhat baffling.

Good thing Aguero is coming back, then.

Strangely enough, with all of this turmoil in City's striking force and around the training ground, per the Sun, erstwhile club pariah Carlos Tevez continues to be a steadying, professional presence. 

But then, there's always tomorrow.

City is at least enjoying a comfortable run of matches at this point in the schedule. Arsenal were kind enough to play with 10 men for two thirds of the match at the Emirates over the weekend, and Stoke City never seriously threatened the Sky Blues at the Etihad.

The next four matches come against two relegation-threatened sides (Southampton, QPR), a languid Fulham club and a Liverpool squad that barely troubled United at Old Trafford in the hours before City and Arsenal began play.

As long as City can stack up wins and points, these little rumblings from Dzeko and Aguero (and, to a lesser degree, Silva) might safely be laughed off.

With their margin for error so thin, though, Mancini and City's fans would probably prefer that such noises cease entirely.


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