The Miz, Eve Torres: WWE Worst of the Week

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistJanuary 20, 2013

The Miz, Eve Torres: WWE Worst of the Week

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    This was a big week for the WWE Universe.

    We (somewhat) celebrated 20 years of Raw, then were entertained by The Rock concert and together suffered through Khali vs. Tensai. 

    We're also gearing up for WrestleMania season, and the hype for the Royal Rumble is in full swing.

    It's too bad that WWE seems to have forgotten that there's an actual Rumble match at the show.

    Some wrestlers are in, others are not. Apparently all you need to do is announce that you're in it. 

    Is there just some sort of sign-up sheet that wrestlers are writing their names on? 

    Well, with that out of the way, let's take a look back at WWE's worst of the week from Jan. 13-19. 

No. 5: Lack of Followup to Barrett's Win

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    In perhaps the most shocking moment of this short year so far, Wade Barrett defeated Randy Orton cleanly on Raw.

    It was one of the biggest wins of the Bare Knuckle Brawler's career. 

    After it happened, though, it was forgotten.

    Barrett wasn't given an interview to brag, and the announcers didn't mention it again. We even saw Orton come out later in the night seemingly unscathed to help fight off The Shield. 

    On SmackDown, Barrett still didn't get to talk about his victory. The announcers briefly mentioned it, and then Barrett came out on the losing side of his tag match.

    Two weeks in a row, the Intercontinental champion didn't even receive a televised entrance. Usually that's a giveaway that they're about to lose.

    WWE surprised us on Raw, but didn't play it up anywhere as much as they should have.

No. 4: Goodbye Eve

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    The entire Divas Division is anemic right now.

    Who is there for Kaitlyn to work a program with? Tamina, maybe a heel Layla and...well, that's about it. 

    If Eve was leaving the company, it would have been nice to have promoted it a few weeks in advance. Make her final match mean something.

    She's been with the company for over four years, and she became the most valuable female wrestler in the company by far.

    Then, in a silly backstage segment, we found out she was gone.

    Add her to the list of The Bellas and Beth Phoenix of prominent Divas who left without much fanfare. 

    To quote the poet known as Bill Goldberg, at this point, you have to wonder "who's next?"

No. 3: Ziggler Loses Again

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    Cena overcoming the odds has been tiring for at least a good five years now.

    This time he overcame Dolph Ziggler and interference from Big E. Langston.

    Ziggler, a supposed rising star (no really, this time they mean it!), is 3-11 in his last 14 televised matches

    Some matches just don't need to be booked, and this was a prime example. There was no reason for it to happen.

    Last week Cena defeated Ziggler cleanly. He also defeated Ziggler on the November 26th episode.

    The only time that Ziggler has ever come out on top was when AJ pushed Cena off a ladder. 

    We've seen time and time again that Ziggler just can't do it on his own. Now he can't defeat Cena with the help of two other people.

No. 2: Miz TV

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    The rumors were saying that Ric Flair was going to confront CM Punk

    Instead, we got another installment of Miz TV.

    Had this been Flair's return to the company, it could have been a great moment. But his return at the Slammy's was much more exciting. 

    Miz TV continues to be a mediocre show (at best) that is continually shoved down our throats.

    The entire segment felt forced as some sort of way to have Miz become Flair Jr. He's now even using the figure-four as his finisher!

    The world is in a sad state when Ric Flair has been downgraded from a WWE Title storyline to a US Title one. 

No. 1: The 20th Anniversary Episode

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    WWE made Raw 1000 seem like a big deal.

    The 20th anniversary of the show did not.

    Part of the reason it didn't seem very special was because the two milestones were only a few months apart. 

    More glaringly, though, is that now every episode is three hours long. It takes away from the novelty of getting an extra hour. 

    It's always nice to see The Rock, Foley and Flair, but something just seemed a bit off.

    A few were missing.

    Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and Stone Cold didn't stop by to say hello.

    The other hundreds of wrestlers who have appeared on the show over the past 20 years didn't pop in, either. 

    The dozens of men and women who entertained us on Raw but are no longer with us were also forgotten. Saturday Night Live's 25th anniversary special paid tribute to their deceased friends during the middle of a comedy show.

    Raw wasn't kind enough to do the same.

    Anyway, 20 years is a huge accomplishment for a TV show. WWE pats themselves on the back every week over their social media scores, and how SmackDown is watched by more viewers than Merlin or Total Blackout.

    For once, they had an accomplishment worth bragging about.


    Agree? Disagree? What was your worst of the week? Thanks for reading!