Nyjer Morgan Cheated on Girlfriend According to Twitter Confession: Update

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 14, 2013

Nyjer Morgan has always toed the edge of sanity, so we aren't the least bit surprised that his Twitter account recently resembled something more akin to an episode of The Jerry Springer Show

According to the madness, he cheated on his girlfriend and just wants the world to know about his horrible nature. 

Of course, this may mean he was hacked, did cheat and wants to confess or is the victim of one fuming girlfriend who has access to his Twitter account. 

First, we take a look at his Twitter description that tells quite the sordid tale:

It reads, "This is dedicated to my x girlfriend that i cheated on and left in the streets," accompanied by a couple of pictures of the once-happy couple. 

It all begins with this sad tweet:

I did something horrible today nation I cheated on my girlfriend I ruined her life and I will pay the price for this I loved her but was bad

— Nyjer Morgan - T Dot (@TheRealTPlush) January 15, 2013


She caught me as much as I loved her I'm just a cheater I'm sorry

— Nyjer Morgan - T Dot (@TheRealTPlush) January 15, 2013

And then this promise of something more:

The truth will come out

— Nyjer Morgan - T Dot (@TheRealTPlush) January 15, 2013


If any of you happen to see the Brewers' manic outfielder, please let him know about these tweets. Something tells me he has no idea. 

One of the great joys and horrors of Twitter is that news is posted in an instant, and then saved for posterity shortly after. 

We could see how a man who loves to show off his alter ego of Tony Plush might possibly profess his guilt to the masses in a crazy Twitter confessional. 

Our more logical side tells us this is the work of a jilted lover, and the offseason just got far more intense than necessary for Nyjer Morgan. 


Nyjer Morgan is claiming he has been hacked and has since posted this tweet:

Nation! i'm going to change my twitter handle. Not excited about this! MLB security and my lawyers are going to figure this out! Stay Tuned!

— Nyjer Morgan - T Dot (@TheRealTPlush) January 15, 2013


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