Do the Cleveland Browns Really Have the Hottest WAGs in the NFL?

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterJanuary 14, 2013

Do the Cleveland Browns Really Have the Hottest WAGs in the NFL?

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    Let's face it. The sports situation has been bleak in Cleveland for quite awhile. The Cavaliers have been in the toilet since LeBron took his talents to South Beach. The Indians have been rebuilding for the better part of a decade. And the Browns haven't won a playoff game since 1994.  

    Like I said—it's bleak. But that being said, I have noticed a positive development in The Cleve that may, or may not, be a sign that things are improving for the beleaguered Browns. The positive development being the uptick in the number of hot WAGs that have been linked to the players. 

    The trend can be traced back to 2010 when the Browns drafted quarterback Colt McCoy out of Texas—a package deal that included his beautiful blonde wife, Rachel. It continued in 2012 with the draft of quarterback Brandon Weeden out of Oklahoma State and his beautiful blonde wife, Melanie. 

    With the recent news that Browns tight end Jordan Cameron is dating Erin Heatherton, a Victoria's Secret model who once dated Leonardo DiCaprio, it seems we have ourselves a pattern. And this pattern has got me thinking: Do the Browns have the hottest WAGs in the NFL? Is it possible? In Cleveland? 

    Well…I think it is. I've done some research and can assure you that there are no less, and potentially more, than 15 hot WAGs who are willing to do the unthinkable for love—go to Cleveland. Let's meet them, shall we?

15. Scott Fujita

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    Player, Position: Scott Fujita, Linebacker
    WAG, Status: 
    Jaclyn Fujita, Wife

    Browns linebacker Scott Fujita and his wife Jaclyn met while attending the University of California Berkley, and the couple married in the summer of 1999. They have a pair of twin daughters and live in California during the NFL offseason. 

14. Josh Cooper

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    Player, Position: Josh Cooper, Wide Receiver
    WAG, Status: 
    Jessie Irons, Girlfriend

    Browns wide receiver Josh Cooper has been dating Jessie Irons for just under two years. According to lovey-dovey tweets the pair exchanged, they celebrated their 19-month anniversary in December 2012. I didn't realize one year, seven months was such a milestone. 

13. Reggie Hodges

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    Player, Position: Reggie Hodges, Punter
    WAG, Status: 
    Arin Hodges, Wife

    Browns punter Reggie Hodges met his wife Arin while they were both attending Ball State University. The couple married in 2006 and have two children together. The Hodges are passionately devout Christians. 

12. Benjamin Watson

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    Player, Position: Ben Watson, Tight End
    WAG, Status: 
    Kirsten Watson, Wife

    Browns tight end Ben Watson met his wife Kirsten at the University of Georgia, where they both attended. Ben obviously played football, but Kirsten was also a student athlete—she played on the softball team.

    From an interview with Kim Anthony of Pro Player Insiders, according to Kirsten, the two maintained their "commitment to purity" during their engagement. They now have three kids, proving they made up for lost time. 

11. Tank Carder

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    Player, Position: Tank Carder, Linebacker
    WAG, Status: 
    Jessi Carder, Wife

    Browns linebacker Tank Carder met his wife Jessi as a freshman at TCU. The couple married in July 2012 in Costa Rica, and they welcomed their first child at the end of 2012. That's all I know about these lovebirds, except for they both talk about the Lord on Twitter…a lot. Do you think Jesus is on Twitter?

10. Buster Skrine

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    Player, Position: Buster Skrine, Defensive Back
    WAG, Status: 
    Unidentified, Girlfriend 

    Browns defensive back Buster Skrine has posted a few pictures of himself and this lovely lady to Instagram on a number of occasions. He doesn't identify her by name, but he tagged this photo "1stLady," which sounds like an official declaration of love if you ask me. 

9. Brandon Weeden

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    Player, Position: Brandon Weeden, Quarterback
    WAG, Status: 
    Melanie Weeden, Wife

    Brandon and Melanie Weeden were together when he decided to give up baseball and pursue a football career at Oklahoma State. The couple were married in the summer of 2009 and have one child together. 

8. Craig Robertson

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    Player, Position: Craig Robertson, Linebacker
    WAG, Status: 
    Brittani, Girlfriend 

    I actually did a lot of digging on Browns linebacker Craig Robertson's Twitter page to find out that this lovely lady, @Tani_B_3, is actually his girlfriend. Based on a photo that she posted of Robertson referring to him as her "baby" and another photo of what seems to be their shared living quarters, I've decided that they are a couple. You can tell me if I'm wrong. 

7. Colt McCoy

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    Player, Position: Colt McCoy, QB
    WAG, Status: 
    Rachel Glandorf-McCoy, Wife

    Browns quarterback Colt McCoy met Rachel Glandorf in the summer of 2008 while she was interning at an Austin news station. McCoy was attending the University of Texas, and Glandorf was matriculating at Baylor. The pair were engaged in 2009 and married in a private ceremony in 2010. 

6. Travis Benjamin

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    Player, Position: Travis Benjamin, Wide Receiver
    WAG, Status: 
    Unidentified, Girlfriend 

    Browns wide receiver Travis Benjamin tweeted this photo of himself and this girl in November 2012. Benjamin didn't include a number or a Twitter ID with the photo, but he identified her as "My Princess." Definitely sounds like a girlfriend to me. 

5. Frostee Rucker

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    Player, Position: Frostee Rucker, Defensive End
    WAG, Status: 
    Danielle McGraw, Girlfriend 

    I'm actually not sure if Browns defensive end Frostee Rucker and his girlfriend Danielle McGraw are still together, but they attended a number of events together in 2011. While I cannot find any confirmation that they are still together, I've not found any confirmation that the pair have broken up. So let's be "glass half-full' about their relationship. 

4. Joe Haden

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    Player, Position: Joe Haden, Defensive Back
    WAG, Status: 
    Sarah, Engaged 

    Browns defensive back Joe Haden made the most of his four-game suspension in 2012 for PEDs and went shopping for engagement rings. Their engagement, along with a photo of the bling, was announced via his girlfriend's Instagram account (sarah_moo, an account that has since been deleted). 

3. Josh Cribbs

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    Player, Position: Josh Cribbs, Wide Receiver
    WAG, Status: 
    Maria Cribbs, Wife 

    Browns wide receiver Josh Cribbs met his wife Maria while they were both students at Kent State University. The couple have been together for 10 years and have two children together. Maria found herself in the middle of a Twitter firestorm in 2011 after tweeting support for Heat superstar LeBron James—who famously jilted Cleveland for South Beach. 

2. Greg Little

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    Player, Position: Greg Little, Wide Receiver
    WAG, Status: 
    Devin Brugman, Girlfriend

    In January 2013 it was reported that Browns wide receiver Greg Little has been dating model and Instagram sensation, Devin Brugman. Based on a number of photos posted to social networking sites, it seems the couple spent the holidays together, so perhaps it's getting serious? Here's some unsolicited advice: Lock it down, Little. 

1. Jordan Cameron

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    Player, Position: Jordan Cameron, Tight End
    WAG, Status: 
    Erin Heatherton, Girlfriend 

    Browns tight end Jordan Cameron found himself in the spotlight well outside of Cleveland in January 2013, when news that he was dating Victoria's Secret model Erin Heatherton became public. Jordan is the brother of Brynn Cameron, the mother of Matt Leinart's young child. And Heatherton has previously been linked to movie star Leonardo DiCaprio. 

So What's the Verdict?

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    I'm going to have to stick with my initial assessment and say: Yes. The Browns' luck might just be turning around because they have the hottest WAGs in the NFL. 

    If you disagree and want to make the case for another team, hit me up on Twitter and give me the skinny.