3MB: Are They Becoming Too Overexposed for Undercard Comedy Heels?

SMGAnalyst IIJanuary 14, 2013

photo credit: wwe.com
photo credit: wwe.com

When Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal joined Heath Slater to form the Three Man Band, or 3MB, it didn’t make a lot of sense. Now that they are overexposed, it is no longer funny. 3MB are undercard comedy heels who just should have never been.

Drew McIntyre has been a misused superstar throughout his career. Once dubbed “The Chosen One” by Mr. McMahon, McIntyre has accomplished virtually nothing since holding the Intercontinental and Tag Team Championships.

Is he a Southern rock star?


Jinder Mahal had a brief story with Great Khali before becoming just another jobber in WWE. He began a feud with Ryback just before joining 3MB, but eventually lost to the Big Hungry just like the others.

Is he a Southern rock star?


So I never understood why WWE put these two in a stable with Slater. It would be one thing to have them call themselves another version of the J.O.B. Squad because they are.

However, WWE decided it would be best for Heath Slater to share his gimmick. If Jinder Mahal’s look was different or McIntyre didn’t have such a heavy Scottish accent, it may work. However, Mahal and McIntyre don’t look like they belong in 3MB.

Because they don’t.

3MB were seen occasionally on WWE TV for a while, doing their duty as jobbers to various superstars. However, now it seems as though they are being overexposed.

This past week, we have seen members of 3MB feuding with Sheamus and Randy Orton. Clearly, these matches and segments are to give Orton and Sheamus TV time prior to Royal Rumble as all superstars have announced that they will be in the Rumble match.

However, there are plenty of heels that Sheamus and Orton could have had matches with. Antonio Cesaro, Hunico, Camacho, Curt Hawkins, Team Rhodes Scholars, David Otunga and Tensai are just some superstars Sheamus and Orton could have faced. Even if Sheamus faced 3MB, Randy Orton didn’t need to also be in a match against another member of 3MB.


3MB conducted some comedic segments, which were funny, but short lived. Instead of giving them more TV time than the Rock and John Cena combined, WWE should give fans more interview shoots or have the group walk around whichever city Raw or SmackDown is in that night.

My preference would be to see 3MB break up and Heath Slater return to 1MB. Although the midcard champions right now are both heel, they eventually won’t be. Slater should be challenging for either the United States or Intercontinental Championship. He has a decent gimmick, unlike Mahal and McIntyre, who are stealing/sharing Slater’s gimmick.

Jinder Mahal should do us all a favor and help WWE find a better solution to the Great Khali’s gimmick. Have Khali act as Jinder’s bodyguard or have them join the tag team division. With Tyson Kidd out of action for a year, the tag team division could use the help.

Drew McIntyre should be aligned with Wade Barrett or William Regal.

Or both.

Regal would make a great manager and it may give McIntyre the boost he needs.

3MB are used way too much on WWE TV considering how low they are on the card giving the WWE creative staff a lot of work to do with these air-guitar-playing numbskulls.





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