Ravens Fan Forgets to Take Chill Pill, Freaks out After Playoff Victory

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 14, 2013

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Denver Broncos in one crazy playoff game, forcing one fan to completely lose his mind while watching. 

What follows are a few videos illustrating what happens when priorities are tremendously out of whack, delivering a freak out to end all freak outs. 

Thanks to Big Lead, we have three videos that show one father losing his mind and weeping uncontrollably during a riveting Ravens game, all while his kids go about their day as if this was all business as usual. 

Let me first say that the Ravens and Broncos game was indeed a great kind of lunacy. I have no loyalties to either club, but will go ahead and count it as one of the more memorable playoff games I have seen. 

Still, this is far too much. 

Yes, that is but video one of a collection of this guy's best-of freak outs. According to the report, this all, "starts in the third quarter after Ray Rice scored to tie the game at 28."

We second their assumption that this was all staged, until you continue watching in parts two and three of this three-part series of truly frightening fanaticism. 

Let me continue by saying I can't stand a collection of videos that continue to hit the Internet and that's parents recording their children crying over something sports related. 

While I find the ubiquity of these types of videos only mildly annoying, I am fascinated by the rare moment when one parent records another parent in mid-freak out. 

The kids go about playing as if this happens all the time, like dad loses it when he finds out his favorite meal is being prepared for dinner. 

The fact that this guy looks like Bill Simmons minus the Celtics jersey furthers the creepy feeling taking place while watching it all unfold. 

Please, stay clear of this man throughout the playoffs, because you don't want to be around when the Ravens win. 

Actually, I hate to think what would happen if the Ravens lost. 

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