Cricket Fan Drops Jaws and Saves Food with Epic 1-Handed Grab

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There is hardly a more precious bounty of treasures than the food one takes from the concession stands at a sporting event, making this one-handed grab from a cricket fan all the more special. 

A tip of the hat to Deadspin for spotting the moment that a young man stole the show with his athletic prowess while also making sure not to spill any of the expensive snacks he'd just purchased. 

Per the report, the catch was made at the recent match between Australia and Sri Lanka. Australian Brad Haddin, who put up a 50 on the day, hit a six with this blast into the stands. 

You will notice the cricket ball get gobbled up by a single hand owned by a young man with a bunch of food in his hands. 

The report reminds us that a cricket ball is a small and hard object that has proven deadly to players in the past who have been struck by it. Just consider grabbing a line drive out of thin air while taking in a baseball game on a summer's day. It takes a great deal of coordination, as well as a disregard for one's hand. 

The amazing part in all this, and the most gratifying from where I sit, is that he doesn't drop a single goody from the concession stand. 

Oh, and then he tosses the ball back, showing that he just wanted to make the catch because, you know, he could. 

I don't claim to know all that much about cricket and all its particulars, but I will trust any of the sport's fans with my beer during a game anytime. 

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