Debate: Who Will Have the Bigger Game Sunday, Ryan or Kaepernick?

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Debate: Who Will Have the Bigger Game Sunday, Ryan or Kaepernick?
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Kaepernick and Ryan will go toe to toe in the NFC Championship game.


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That's right niner fans...insert your arrogant comments here. The Falcon's fans listened all last week as the Seahawk faithful told us how we just wer...
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Kaepernick has a better game, for a few reasons: 1. Matt Ryan is no Aaron Rodgers. -While Ryan is a decent quarterback, he isn't at the "elite" level...
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49ers defense is ranked: Run D 4th - Pass D 4th - Overall D 3rd. Atlanta's defense is ranked: Run D 21st - Pass D 23rd - Overall D 24th. I am going...
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It's not arrogant comments, its the fact that Kaepernick is playing like a seasoned veteran in his first postseason appearance. Kap isn't a "run-first...
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"The 49ers havn't played a team with this kind of offense" Really? The Patriots don't have an offense like the Falcons?
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