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The 25 Biggest Brats in Sports

Nick DimengoFeatured ColumnistJanuary 15, 2013

The 25 Biggest Brats in Sports

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    With fortune, fame and a sense of entitlement, we see way too many cases of people acting as if they're the most important people in all of sports.

    Unfortunately, sometimes that behavior can come out of our favorite athletes while actually in the heat of competition—just look at DeMarcus Cousins' elbow from last week.

    Since there's always going to be bad apples who act out and complain a little bit too much about things, we're giving you the current biggest brats in sports.

    If only we could give some of them a timeout every once in a while to learn their lesson...


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    Let's all admit that as fans, we can act a little bratty ourselves.

    Booing our guys or yelling at refs are only a couple ways we display our brattiness, and though it may be what makes us fans, it can be a bit extreme and annoying sometimes.

PK Subban

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    When a dude fights with teammates and assistant coaches, you know there's something a little bit loose with him in the noggin.

    But besides his little encounters with his superiors, Subban seems to instigate everything with opposing players, while feeding off the fans yelling at him.

Hope Solo

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    Soccer goalies are expected to yell and instruct teammates on where to be during play, so they don't get beat.

    But Solo takes that and really runs with the responsibility. She's been known to bash ex-coaches and give her opinions on everything through her Twitter account.

    She may be a pretty damn good-looking lady, but we think she's a little spoiled for our liking.

Joakim Noah

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    If you've ever watched a Bulls game, you'd probably think Noah's never committed a foul in his entire career.

    Holding the typical "I went straight-up" pose once the whistle blows, Joakim can be seen glaring at the ref for having the balls to call something on him.

    Add in that he's an instigator, and it's easy to see why Noah's such a huge brat.

Jay Cutler

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    Cutler is the king of opinions gone awry.

    Is he smug? Yeah.

    Does he look like he's always pissed-off or uninterested in anyone else? Sure.

    Though Jay's words are probably taken a little out of context, as QB for an NFL team, he needs to be a little more aware of what he says.

Mark Cuban

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    The billionaire Cuban may be praised for being a little outside the box thanks to his visible passion at Mavs games, but because he's been doing it for over a decade now, it's become a bit old.

    He's cooled down after his team finally won a title in 2011, but for being a rich, loud-mouthed geek, he ends up here.

Tiger Woods

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    We all know Woods was a childhood prodigy, and with that early attention comes a certain entitlement that he's clearly held throughout his career.

    Sure, he's one of the best golfers to ever tee a ball up, and we should all appreciate being able to see him play, but it doesn't mean we all have to adore him like we did before his little sex-capades.

Cam Newton

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    Some might not think of Newton as a brat, but the dude seems to pout more than any other current athlete.

    We have a feeling that when people remind Cam there's no "I" in team, he's the type of person who fires back with a, "No. But there's an 'm' and an 'e.'"

    It's that type of attitude that lands Newton amongst the brats in sports.

Rajon Rondo

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    It'd be easy to put any of Rondo's current (KG and Paul Pierce), or past Celtic teammates on this list (Kendrick Perkins and Ray Allen), but Rondo stands out because he's the guy we'll have to deal with the next decade or so since he's the youngest of the bunch.

    Plus, we were at Kentucky when he clashed with then-beloved head coach Tubby Smith.

Tony Stewart

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    We're not huge racing fans, but it seems like any time we hear Stewart's name it's because he's going off about something someone else did on the track, or how he's a god a driving.

    When anyone blames others for things, it's a true sign that you're a brat. Take responsibility for yourself, bro.

DeMarcus Cousins

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    He's got all the talent in the world, but the former No. 5 overall pick just a few years ago is constantly in the dog house because of his "me-first" attitude.

    Cousins has clashed with coaches, fought with teammates and has injured an opposing player with a nasty elbow.

    When you're two years deep into a promising career and on the trade block, you're usually a team cancer—even if you are the team's best player.

Danica Patrick

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    A well-known complainer, it's no secret that Danica can't seem to keep her opinions to herself.

    In addition to running her mouth, she's never won anything, yet carries all the hype of someone already in the Hall of Fame, which should really piss off any other racer who actually has accomplished something in their careers.

Sidney Crosby

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    He was proclaimed hockey's next big thing (and savior) before he even sharpened his first skate for an NHL game, but as good as Sid the Kid's been in his career, he's been a big brat too.

    More than everything he's done, we bash him for griping about the long-standing tradition of tossing hats onto the ice following a hat trick.

    If he's that uptight about that, than he's really got to take a chill pill.

Aaron Rodgers

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    Maybe it was all the time he had to wait his turn before unseating Brett Favre as the Packers starting QB, or just being in the general presence of No. 4, but the other A-Rod has become a huge brat over the years.

    Sure, Rodgers scores TV commercials and is generally out to have a good time, but because he doesn't take criticism as light-heartedly as he dishes it out, he earns this honor.

Carlos Zambrano

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    Big Z is one of the most overpaid players in all of sports, and when you add in his fiery—and sometimes frightening—intensity, it makes him a little worse to have on your favorite team.

    With Zambrano, you never know if he'll pitch a complete-game two-hit shutout and somehow fight in the dugout with his catcher.

Ozzie Guillen

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    Much like the previous slide featuring Carlos Zambrano, Guillen needs to check himself every once in a while with how he acts or is portrayed.

    Widely known for his comments bashing anyone that crosses his mind, we personally think Guillen was fed with a silver spoon after winning a World Series during his second season as White Sox manager, and it's gone to his head ever since.

Dwight Howard

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    He weaseled his way out of Orlando thanks to complaining, while being looked at as the culprit for the team firing then-head coach Stan Van Gundy.

    D12 so badly wants to be a superstar in the Association, but until he realizes it takes more than just a big smile and a couple good years to get there, he'll always be a brat who whines about everything.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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    We could have easily put about a dozen soccer players on this list, but we secured a very special spot for C-Ron because he's such an enigma.

    As one of the greatest players in the world, you'd think he'd be past all the diving and complaining to refs about non-calls, but he's still the poster child for it.

    Oh yeah, he also complained about how unhappy he was at the beginning of the Champions League season, which we all know is unwarranted for a guy who seems to have it all.

Serena Williams

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    She may be the current No. 3-ranked player in the world, but thanks to multiple tirades, Serena holds down the No. 1 ranking as the biggest female brat in sports.

    As one of the most accomplished female tennis players ever, she's earned the right to hold herself to a higher standard—but that should be for herself, not everyone else.

    Remember when she threatened a line judge a couple years ago? Yeah, that's why she's so high on our list.

Youth Sports Parents

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    If you've ever played youth soccer, you know exactly who we're referring to—soccer moms.

    Whether it's yelling at the coach for their kid to get more playing time, or complaining to the ref about a foul they vehemently disagree with, you can tell the bad ones if they're more upset about a loss than their kids are.

Lane Kiffin

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    Regardless of what you hear about how much people dislike Kiffin, there is a time when he's adored and loved by many—during his introductory press conference.

    Other than that, fans are worried about him splitting town within a couple years, while Lane complains about what other coaches have going on.

    His dad, Monty, might be a coaching legend, but due in part to that success, Lane seems like he's just riding his coattails.

Tom Brady

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    Without a question, Brady is the best quarterback in the game right now.

    Even as his teammates and offensive coordinators change around him, he's adapted his game to fit the system, while leading them to the playoffs for a chance at a Super Bowl.

    Problem is, with that success has come a certain brattiness about him, as he whines at officials and barks at teammates.

    Being a leader is one thing, but being a jerk is another.

Alex Rodriguez

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    A-Rod is the poster child for what not to do as a professional athlete.

    With declining talent, yet a personality that makes him think he's still king, the Yanks' third basemen is despised by sports fans everywhere.

    Not even fans in the Bronx have warmed up to his shenanigans, constantly sick of his postseason struggles and excuses.

    Dude, you're making $30 million a year, ain't nobody got time for that!

Rex Ryan

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    Unless you're a Jets fan, we're guessing you didn't feel too badly for Gang Green when they missed out on the playoffs and had a bunch of turmoil surround them all season.

    One major reason why? Their fearless head coach Rex Ryan, who has never seen a microphone he hasn't liked to say everything in his clouded mind to.

Kobe Bryant

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    Bryant is notorious for being a brat.

    Nicknamed the "Black Mamba" because it's considered to be the world's most dangerous snake, it's clear Kobe takes the mantra to heart with outbursts on refs, opinions on coaches and thoughts on certain teammates.

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