Debate: Is Christian Ponder a Franchise Quarterback?

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Debate: Is Christian Ponder a Franchise Quarterback?
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Christian Ponder appears to be the Vikes' QB of the future, but is he a franchise quarterback?


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Ok, just a quick side note, what exactly is the difference between QB of the Future and a Franchise QB? Doesn't make much sense to me. But, I believ...
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10 years ago this would not even be a debate. QBs were allowed to "learn" from the sidelines until the third or fourth year. Although waiting behind F...
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I did some research a few years ago on the percentage of the first round QB's that are drafted who have gone on to start in a superbowl. Approx. 50 % ...
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He took the team to the playoffs in his second year. Ponder's stats (81 QB rating) were on par with most other franchise QB's in recent past during th...
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amazing how many teams have signed quaterbacks who knew what they were doing from year one this guy is like a deer blinded in the lights yes he play...
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