Watch Rajon Rondo's Hands Take over SportsCenter in New Commercial

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Rajon Rondo rules the Boston Celtics, and apparently ESPN, with an iron fist. A really big iron fist. Just ask SportsCenter's John Anderson.

In ESPN's latest "This is SportsCenter" commercial, Rondo holds a team meeting and makes a point to shake everyone's hand as they walk out. 

Anderson is warned by colleague Steve Levy to not look down as he shakes Rajon's hands because, well, "Rondo's hands are huge."

And indeed they are, as an enormous hand can then be seen shaking what appears to be a newborn's diminutive appendage.



Slightly creepy?

You bet.

Though ESPN is known for bizarre and nonsensical commercials, this one is particularly eccentric. I got on board with Scott Van Pelt's "bed-wetter" campaign and admittedly got a slight chuckle out of this one.

That slight chuckle was also laced with a bit of discomfort and more befuddlement than usual. I mean, the fascination with Rondo's limbs is a bit unsettling.

Why are Anderson and Levy allowed to be smitten (albeit mockingly) with the size of Rondo's hands, yet Brent Musburger can't offer up a few kind words about AJ McCarron's girlfriend?

Color me confused.

Then again, "This is SportsCenter."

We shouldn't have expected anything less.

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