NFL Draft 2013: Player Each Team Seeking a QB Should Draft Instead

Chris StephensCorrespondent IIJanuary 14, 2013

Jarvis Jones will make an immediate impact in the NFL.
Jarvis Jones will make an immediate impact in the NFL.Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Multiple teams need quarterbacks in the upcoming 2013 NFL Draft. However, those teams should not draft a quarterback with their first pick. Instead, they should opt for help in other areas.

The Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals are all looking for quarterbacks.

However, the top quarterbacks in the draft are not worthy of a top-10 selection. That may be disappointing for fans hoping their team would draft a young signal-caller, but there are other players available that each team would benefit from drafting in the first round.

Here's a look at players who would change an organization's future more than any other quarterback in this class would.


Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia

Jones could easily change the defensive outlook for any team that drafts him.

In the same way Von Miller helped changed the Denver defense, Jones will bring that same energy.

Over the last two years, Jones had 27.5 sacks and constantly found ways to provide pressure. If he wasn't going after the quarterback, he was getting to the edge and affecting the running game.

Jacksonville and Arizona would be great fits for Jones as they have no real depth at outside linebacker.

Each team ranked in the bottom four in total defense and the main reason for that is they were unable to pressure the quarterback. Jones can change that.


Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

When it comes to the best offensive lineman in the draft, it all starts with Joeckel. He's one of the biggest reasons Johnny Manziel had the time he did under center.

Joeckel is best against bull rushers from the edge, but he will bring the complete package to whichever team selects him.

The Chiefs would be smart to make him the first pick, especially considering they allowed 40 sacks this season. If they do pass on him, then he won't drop any lower than fourth since the Eagles will look for more protection for their quarterback.

Whoever drafts Joeckel will be glad they did because he will make an immediate impact along the line with his ability to stop good pass-rushers.


Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State

Teams that are looking for an elite pass-rusher should look no further than Werner.

With 23.5 sacks during his career with the Seminoles, Werner showed his elite status the last two years.

The scary thing is he still has a lot of room for improvement since he only started playing the game at 15.

Put in the right situation, Werner could become the next J.J. Watt.

Jacksonville would be stupid to not draft Werner at No. 2. They had the fewest sacks in the NFL last year and don't have any guys that can dominate like Werner can.