3 Reasons Why Arsenal Won't Win a Trophy This Season

Ieuan BeynonCorrespondent IIIJanuary 14, 2013

3 Reasons Why Arsenal Won't Win a Trophy This Season

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    What has happened at Arsenal over the last couple of years?

    They have gone from being big players in the Premier League to becoming a team that now have a fight on their hand to qualify for the Champions League.

    Things don't look like they're about to change anytime soon either.

    Here I take a look at a couple of reasons why I think they are struggling.

    I have not wrote this to upset any Arsenal fans of the Bleacher Report community, this is just my opinion on the matter.

    If you disagree, which no doubt the majority of you will, then please leave a comment.

1. Lack of an Out and Out Striker

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    Robin van Persie is nothing but a distant memory for Arsenal fans. He was their catalyst last season, but after his departure to Manchester United in the summer, there has been a huge void in the final third for the Gunners.

    Is Theo Walcott the answer?

    No. Granted, he's better and more destructive through the middle, but he does not have the consistency or the finishing ability to be the focal point of an attack. He would be a perfect foil for another striker and will become a very important player for Arsenal.

    Oliver Giroud has struggled to make an impact since his arrival from Montpellier in the summer, failing to hold down a regular first-team place.

    Lukas Podolski is in the same bracket as Walcott as he is not an out and out striker and would be a better option playing alongside a strike partner.

    They need someone who can score them 20 goals a season, a player than they can turn to when they are struggling to win the game. Until they get that back and replace van Persie, Arsenal will struggle to win a trophy.

2. Inability to Keep Their Star Players

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    Take a look at the players Arsenal have lost to other clubs over the last few seasons and you will slowly be able to piece together a side more than capable of competing against the dominant Manchester clubs of the current Premier League.

    They have let some world-class talent leave the club in the last couple of years, refusing to break the bank and offer ludicrous wages that would break their wage structure.

    Robin van Persie, Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy and Kolo Toure are just some of the players who have left the Emirates. Any team that loses players of this quality will be hampered.

    But a team who loses players of this quality on such a regular basis run the risk of becoming known as a selling club.

    This is turn will have an effect on the current star players at the club, who will look at all of their old teammates mentioned above and be green with envy as they watch them continue to win trophies with their new teams.

    Something has to change in a bid to keep the club's best players; it must be hugely frustrating for fans as they seem to be weakened substantially at the end of each season.

    Whether it be a change to the wage structure to offer more lucrative deals to the big-time players or Wenger making a point and spending big in the transfer market, something has to give sooner or later.

3. Arsene Wenger

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    This will upset Arsenal diehards and the Wenger believers, but Wenger is not quite the manager he was a few seasons ago.

    His attitude has changed and his new angle of the sulky middle aged Frenchman who stands there and sulks for the 90 minutes of the game is not a good one.

    He looks as though and sounds like he feels the world is against him and his team. In short he has become very petulant and annoying.

    It is rubbing off on his team too. In Sunday’s 2-0 defeat to Manchester City, his team felt somewhat aggrieved for the stonewall red card received by Laurent Koscielny early on in the game. For the rest of the match they moaned and sulked around the pitch, arguing with the referee at any given opportunity.

    This attitude needs to be changed and Wenger needs to realize that he is harming his team with his childish behavior.

    He has been a superb manager over the years, and behind Sir Alex Ferguson is the greatest manager that the Premier League has ever seen, but if he carries on with these antics then he is danger of tarnishing his legacy.

    I’m not saying that he needs to be replaced, just to make an attitude adjustment and realize that Arsenal is no longer good enough to be considered title contenders or even to be guaranteed a Champions League spot.

    It will help the club in the long run; there is no doubt about that.