Power Ranking the 10 Biggest Flops from Fantasy Football This Season

Gordie GoldCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2013

Power Ranking the 10 Biggest Flops from Fantasy Football This Season

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    LeSean McCoy one of the biggest fantasy football flops in 2012?

    If you were to tell any fantasy football owner that heading into this season, they would have thought you were crazy, considering the fact that McCoy was coming off a 20-touchdown season in 2011.

    Despite being taken within the first three picks of most fantasy football drafts, McCoy's dismal performance in 2012 caused many fantasy football teams to struggle this year.

    Along with McCoy, here are the power rankings of the biggest fantasy football flops from this season.

10. Jordy Nelson

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    Coming off a 2011 season in which he caught 15 touchdown passes for over 1200 yards, this year was supposed to the year that Jordy Nelson solidified himself as a stud fantasy football receiver.

    Instead, Nelson was a major disappointment. Although his injuries did affect his performance, Nelson still played in 12 games and finished with only seven touchdowns and 745 receiving yards.

    Nelson will still be considered a No.2/3 fantasy receiver heading into 2013, but fantasy football owners should not expect him to match his 2011 statistics as long as he is a part of a crowded receiving corps in Green Bay.

9. Antonio Gates

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    After years of being one of the best tight ends in fantasy football, it appears that Antonio Gates' production is on a major decline.

    In 2010 and 2011, the problem with Gates was that he couldn't stay healthy, missing nine games. However, Gates stayed healthy for most of the 2012 season, playing in 15 games.

    Though his health was okay, Gates could not manage to put up the big numbers that has made him so deadly in fantasy football leagues.

    Despite scoring seven touchdowns, Gates finished the season with only 49 receptions for 538 yards, the fewest he has had since his rookie season.

8. Matthew Stafford

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    Heading into this season, Matthew Stafford was considered a top five fantasy football quarterback after throwing for 41 touchdowns and over 5000 yards in 2011.

    Though he almost cracked the 5000 passing yard mark, throwing for 4967 yards, Stafford was still a bust because he only threw 20 touchdown passes. In 11 games this season, Stafford failed to throw more than one touchdown pass.

    Do not draft Stafford as your No. 1 quarterback next season. Sure, he will still have games where he looks like a fantasy stud, but he proved this year that he is not reliable on a weekly basis.

7. Michael Vick

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    Coming into the season as a top-10 fantasy quarterback, Michael Vick proved this year that he is a mere shadow of the player he once was.

    Vick was horrendous in his 10 games as the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback, throwing for only 12 touchdowns, while committing 15 turnovers. He was so bad that Vick even lost his starting quarterback job to Nick Foles during the season.

    With Vick not expected to be in an Eagles uniform next year, do not look to draft him until the late rounds in 2013, because he may not even be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

6. Hakeem Nicks

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    After two consecutive seasons with at least 1,000 receiving yards and seven touchdowns, Hakeem Nicks took a major step backwards.

    Yes, he was playing injured for most of the season, but Nicks seemed like he was invisible in the 13 games he played in this year. Nicks finished the season with 53 receptions for 692 receiving yards and three touchdowns, including just one game with over 100 receiving yards.

    Nicks is still considered a No. 2 fantasy football wide receiver when healthy, but with Victor Cruz emerging as the New York Giants' best wide receiver, do not expect Nicks to become the top-10 fantasy receiver he was supposed to be.

5. Daren McFadden

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    With five years under his belt, it appears that it is time fantasy football owners start considering whether they should give up on Darren McFadden.

    For the fifth year in a row, McFadden failed to play an entire season, missing four games this season. In the time that McFadden did play, he produced very little. Despite running for only 707 yards and scoring three touchdowns all year, what is most concerning was his 3.3 yards-per-carry average.

    After years of being considered an early-round draft pick, McFadden has dropped to being a No. 3 running back at best heading into 2013 because of his inability to stay healthy and lack of production.

4. Cam Newton

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    When everyone started making their fantasy football draft boards for this season, nearly every fantasy owner had Cam Newton ranked as a top five quarterback.

    Why wouldn't you? He was coming off his rookie season in which he threw for over 4000 yards and 21 touchdown passes, while running for another 14 touchdowns.

    Unfortunately, Newton let down many fantasy owners that drafted him within the first two rounds, failing to match the numbers he put up his rookie season. Newton's declined in nearly every statistical category, throwing for 19 touchdown passes and 3,869 yards, while running for only eight touchdowns.

    Newton still has a promising future, but his fantasy value has definitely dropped him out of the elite tier of quarterback rankings.

3. Larry Fitzgerald

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    If you are a wide receiver and your starting quarterback is either Kevin Kolb, John Skelton, Ryan Lindley or Brian Hoyer, chances are you are not going to put up impressive statistics.

    That was the case with Larry Fitzgerald in 2012, yet many fantasy football owners still drafted him within the first two rounds.

    With no legit quarterback on the Arizona Cardinals roster, Fitzgerald had his worst season as a professional yet, catching only four touchdown passes for 798 receiving yards.

    If the Cardinals do not address their quarterback situation, Fitzgerald should be considered at best a No. 2/3 fantasy receiver.

2. LeSean McCoy

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    When you have a top-three draft pick in your fantasy football league's draft, you expect that the running back you take will at least put up 1,000 yards and score double-digit touchdowns.

    Coming off a breakout season in which he scored 20 touchdowns in 2011, McCoy was a top-three draft pick in nearly every fantasy football league. Unfortunately, McCoy dealt with injuries all season and finished with only 840 rushing yards and five touchdowns.

    Even if McCoy played a full season, he was still on pace to score much fewer than 20 touchdowns. McCoy is still a top-10 fantasy football running back, but I would not look to draft him until the end of the first round or early second round in 2013.

1. Ryan Mathews

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    Every year, there is always a group of fantasy football owners who insist that Ryan Mathews is going to have a breakout season and become a fantasy football stud.

    I have never understood why people waste an early-round draft pick on him and Mathews proved again this season that he is the biggest bust in all of fantasy football.

    Mathews had his worst season yet in his third year in the NFL. Not only did he fail to play an entire season for the third year in a row, but Mathews also scored one touchdown, while averaging 3.8 yards per carry.

    Fantasy football owners, stop believing in Mathews. He is always going to let you down. He has been a huge bust in his first three seasons in the NFL and it is never going to change.