The Superstar Saga: Fan Favorites

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IMarch 31, 2009

The next chapter in the saga is here, and it's time for the fan favorites, aka, faces.

There are just so many superstars that are loved way too much, whether or not they have any true talent.

No, I'm not saying all popular superstars lack talent, but many do. The superstars in this list are a mix.

Anyway, enjoy.


"The Animal" Dave Batista

Batista can work up a crowd any day. He might not have the greatest mic skills of all time, but the fans love it when he gets in a feud.

Batista is probably the second most popular face in the WWE, right after John Cena.

His in-ring moves are OK. He give a pretty good spear, and his spinebuster is done to perfection, but he could use a new finisher.

Sure, the Batista Bomb is exciting because it requires power to be completed, but it's too boring for the real fans out there.

Besides that, I'd say Batista is a pretty good superstar.


"The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels

HBK has always been able to a crowd. He's funny, he's daring, and he's a true face with outstanding in-ring ability.

He also sells his Sweet Chin Music move really well. In fact, besides the RKO, there is no better finisher currently in the WWE.

HBK is not always the best actor when it comes to taking pain, as he tries too hard to make it look like he really got hurt.

Other than that, HBK is probably the most talented face you can find.


"The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy

The WWE knew it needed to make one of the Hardys a heel, and they chose Matt. Jeff is just too big of a hit with the fans.

He is the ultimate risk taker. He gets the fans out of their seats in seconds, and his mic skills are amazing.

Jeff's in-ring ability is also pretty good. His finisher, the Swanton Bomb, is OK, but I think it's hyped up too much. His Twist of Fate is a really good move, though. Even though it's more of a Matt Hardy move, Jeff's better at it.

If you're ever looking for a talented face, look straight to Jeff.


Rey Mysterio

Here's another face that will never go heel. Rey Mysterio is the ultimate source of high-flying excitement in the WWE, and his mic skills are pretty good, too.

Mysterio also has pretty good in-ring moves. His only flaw is that he needs a new finisher.

The 619 is just not fun to watch anymore. He needs something that's daring and high-flying to match the rest of his skills.

Besides that, Rey, you're an amazing dude.


John Cena

And finally, the king of all faces, John Cena.

If you have ever watched an episode of Raw or SmackDown, you know that nobody in the WWE can command a crowd better than this man. No one gets the fans cheering more than this man.

No one is more entertaining than this man. Cena is amazing on the mic, and his in-ring skills are decent.

His finisher, the F-U, or Attitude Adjustment, is certainly a move the fans love for many reasons.

First of all, it's done by Cena. Second, the move really requires strength.

The thing about it is it's just a Death Valley Driver, but since it's done by Cena, everybody loves it.

That finishes my list. If there are any other big fan favorites that I missed, feel free to tell me.