Zack Ryder: When Will He Be Used Properly by the WWE?

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistJanuary 17, 2013

photo on Flickr by PatLoika
photo on Flickr by PatLoika

Zack Ryder is in quite a predicament.

The self-proclaimed Internet champion steamrolled into 2012 with his online fame from his “Z! True Long Island Story” show on YouTube. He entered last year as the U.S. champion.

This would be the last time Zack Ryder would be relevant in the wrestling ring.

After losing the U.S. title to Jack Swagger, Ryder became a whipping boy during Kane’s feud with John Cena. Eve—who Ryder was infatuated with—betrayed him at WrestleMania 28, making matters worse for the Long Islander.

Since then, he has gone back to jobbing to almost everyone on the roster.

Will Zack Ryder ever be used properly by the WWE?

At this rate, Ryder’s release could be imminent. “Z! True Long Island Story” wrapped up this past week with its 100th episode. There isn’t anything for Ryder to do at this time.

If Ryder isn’t released, how should the WWE use him?

A tag team isn’t out of the question. In spite of his failed attempt to team with Santino Marella—as “Co-Bro”—Ryder can still be used as a tag specialist. A reunion with former partner Curt Hawkins shouldn’t be out of the question.

At house shows, Ryder has been teaming with Brodus Clay. As far as gimmicks are concerned, it makes sense to put the two together. They’re both fun-loving guys and could benefit instead of doing nothing.

Another option would be to put him back in the midcard division.

Going up against either Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett or U.S. champion Antonio Cesaro could make Ryder legitimate. He lost to Cesaro at Night of Champions, but there’s no reason why a rivalry can’t be built between them.

Barrett is another strong option because of his style. He and Ryder can put on matches that could revitalize the midcard division.

Whichever way Ryder is used, it needs to service his abilities and his personality. Ryder can still be the answer to the midcard division’s woes. All the WWE needs to do is pull the trigger.

What could they be waiting for?