WWE Analysis: Is Alberto Del Rio a Transitional World Champion or the Real Deal?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 17, 2013

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

Alberto Del Rio won the World title on SmackDown in a match with Big Show, making him a three-time WWE and world champion.

For someone who has only been with the company for a couple years, this is a big accomplishment, but is Del Rio just being used as a transitional champion?

The real question is whether WWE put the title on him because they believe he can be a good babyface champion or if he is simply being used to transition the title to someone else?

Let's recap. Big Show won the belt from Sheamus after a six-month reign and then Show held it for less than three months before losing it to Del Rio.

This situation certainly changes things a bit, as most assumed we would see a Sheamus vs. Big Show rematch at Royal Rumble. Then Del Rio won the belt.

So, does Sheamus still get his rematch?

Will Big Show want his rematch first?

Will they end up in a triple threat match so both guys get their rematch?

There are several possibilities for how WWE could play with the World title picture, but one thing is for sure: Dolph Ziggler is still going to win that belt at some point.

I have no doubt that Ziggler will successfully cash in his briefcase. WWE has invested too much time building him up over the past year to ditch those plans now.

With Del Rio being a babyface right now, it also makes the odds of a Ziggler/Del Rio feud that much more likely, and oh what a feud it would be.

On one side of the ring you have Del Rio, a man who has proven that he is one of the smoothest workers in WWE.

On the other side you have Dolph Ziggler, who personifies his show-off nickname better than anyone.

The possibilities of a 5-star match seem pretty high if these two were involved, which might be one reason why it was good that WWE decided to turn Del Rio babyface and give him the title.

Ziggler and Sheamus have had many matches, so a feud between them would have been nothing new. Big Show is a heel, so Ziggler feuding with him as a heel is out.

That leaves us with Del Rio, who as a babyface makes the perfect opponent for Ziggler.

While Del Rio is someone who will represent the World Title well, at this point it looks like this title reign is going to be quick and Ziggler will eventually walk away with the title.

The feud that would come of it would be great, so this is not actually a bad thing. Sometimes the term "transitional champion" carries a negative connotation, but it is not such a bad deal.

If the scenario laid out here is what ends up happening, then Del Rio adds another title reign to his resume and he gets a great feud with Ziggler out of it. There doesn't seem to be a downside to that.

I, for one, am looking forward to what comes of Alberto Del Rio's title reign. He is a talented worker who should be able to revitalize his career by facing off against some of WWE's heels.


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