Ranking the 6 Best QB Options to Challenge Mark Sanchez as Jets Starter in 2013

Aidan MackieSenior Analyst IJanuary 14, 2013

Ranking the 6 Best QB Options to Challenge Mark Sanchez as Jets Starter in 2013

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    Mark Sanchez regressed significantly in 2012, as he passed for just 13 touchdowns while throwing 18 interceptions and fumbling nine times. 

    It has become apparent that Sanchez cannot be relied upon as a franchise quarterback. Despite the team appearing in consecutive AFC Championship games in his first two seasons, Sanchez is a liability, and the New York Jets cannot be a Super Bowl contender with him under center. 

    Rex Ryan and the Jets' front office have grown tired of Sanchez' continued boneheaded mistakes and inaccuracy. It seems likely that the team will either draft or claim a quarterback in free agency this offseason to compete for the starting job next season.

    To earn the starting job, these quarterbacks have to be cost-efficient, and have to be able to make plays downfield, as well as being able to hang on to the ball; something Sanchez seemingly cannot do.  

    Here are the six best options for New York to consider. 

6. E.J. Manuel

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    E.J. Manuel is a polarizing NFL prospect, as experts and fans are divided on whether he can succeed in the pro game. 

    Manuel has all the physical attributes to be a star, and he possesses many of the same physical traits as Cam Newton. He possesses great size (6'5", 240 pounds) and solid speed (4.64 40-time), and he has the ability to scramble when the pocket collapses in on him.

    Manuel also has amazing arm strength and is very accurate (68 percent completion percentage this season).

    However, the Florida State star has some serious flaws.

    He is a questionable leader on and off the field, and his decision-making has been subpar at times.

    Manuel also hasn't shown the ability to come up big in the clutch, as he failed to produce in some of his team's biggest games this past season.

    Manuel is a boom-or-bust prospect who has great potential. However, even if the Jets do draft him in one the early rounds, it would be wise to groom him behind a veteran quarterback for a season or two.

5. Mike Glennon

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    Like Manuel, Mike Glennon has all the physical attributes to be a stud at the NFL level.

    Glennon is massive for a quarterback (6'5", 232 pounds), and he possesses top-notch arm strength. 

    The North Carolina State star also has a passion for the game, and his effort can never be questioned. 

    However, the senior struggles with footwork and accuracy at times, as he completed just 58.5 percent of his passes and tossed 17 interceptions this past season. 

    Glennon could be a first-round pick, and he boasts nice long-term potential as a franchise quarterback, but like Manuel, it would be a stretch to think Glennon could start and succeed in year one. 

4. Tyler Bray

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    Tyler Bray is one of the most underrated quarterback prospects of this year's class. 

    At 6'5", 215 pounds, Bray possesses the ideal size for an NFL quarterback. 

    The 21-year-old junior is coming off a record-breaking year at Tennessee, in which he threw for 3,612 yards and 34 touchdowns. 

    Bray doesn't have great leadership qualities, but his terrific arm strength and confidence more than make up for that flaw. 

    Bray is eerily similar to former SEC quarterback Jay Cutler. Both are gunslinging quarterbacks with top-notch arm strength, who often force throws into tight windows at their own peril.

    The Volunteer star is another quarterback who could take a couple years to develop, so it would be risky to start him as a rookie.

3. Jason Campbell

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    Even if New York takes a quarterback in the early rounds of the draft, it would be wise to bring in a low-cost veteran in free agency to compete for the starting job.

    Jason Campbell would be a nice addition to the team, as he could help develop a young signal-caller, while also holding the reins over the starting position.

    Campbell is a decent NFL quarterback. He has tossed 76 touchdowns and just 52 interceptions and compiled a 60.9 completion percentage over his seven-year career. 

    The 31-year-old has been able to limit his mistakes over the course of his career, a trait that the Jets must desire. 

    Campbell may not be the best starting option, but he can't play any worse than Mark Sanchez has in recent years. 

2. Ryan Nassib

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    Ryan Nassib will be a highly sought-after prospect in this year's draft. 

    Nassib possesses the experience, mechanics and all-around toughness that NFL scouts love to see. 

    The Syracuse product is a three-year starter, and he is coming off a terrific season in which he threw for 3,749 yards, 26 touchdowns and ten interceptions. 

    Nassib can force throws when the pocket collapses, but he is also a smart player who can make accurate throws when on the move. 

    Out of all the quarterback prospects in this year's draft class, perhaps no player is more fit to start in his rookie season than Nassib. 

1. Matt Moore

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    The Jets should draft a young signal-caller with plenty of upside in this year's draft, but they should also bring in a low-risk veteran free agent to help mentor that youngster. 

    Moore would be the perfect quarterback under whom to groom a young talent.

    Moore, 28, lacks the skill set to be a franchise quarterback. However, he would be a terrific stopgap option for New York next season.

    The current Dolphin has overcome his lack of top-notch talent to emerge as a solid NFL quarterback. He holds a 13-12 career record as a starter, and his 33 touchdowns to 26 interceptions and 59.1 completion percentage are much better than Sanchez' career marks.

    Moore is one of the finest backups in the league today, and he wouldn't demand top-notch money in free agency this offseason, especially if the Jets offer him the chance to start.