Joe B. Hall Misquoted by Memphis Media

Leroy Watson Jr.Senior Writer IMarch 31, 2009

Not so fast, Kentucky fans.

The Louisville Courier was reporting a done deal.

Even Memphis' own WREG ran a report that John Calipari had confided his final decision to Kentucky legend Joe B. Hall.

Both statements are being retracted.

After Hall realized that he was being misquoted in the media, he released a statement to clear the air. He did say that he and Calipari had talked for 10-15 minutes today—not yesterday, as some are reporting—but this is how he summed up the conversation:

"(Calipari) talked about the difficulty in making the decision and wanted to establish a relationship in case he came to Kentucky, somebody he could bounce things off of," said Hall. "He had not made up his mind. He was trying to get all the info he could."

Calipari apparently wants to gain a perspective on how to survive in such a high-profile and highly-scrutinized position. Having never coached in a league such as the SEC before is said to be intriguing to him.