WWE Opinion: Wrestlers Who Could Replace Jinder Mahal in 3MB

Jack Woodfield@@JWoodfield365Featured ColumnistJanuary 13, 2013

WWE Opinion: Wrestlers Who Could Replace Jinder Mahal in 3MB

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    In September 2012, the WWE Universe witnessed an event quite rare in the current landscape of the company.

    Three certified jobbers, Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal, all aligned together in a bid to gain some notoriety, using Slater's "One Man Band" gimmick as the premise for their allegiance.

    Three months later, while still largely jobbing, 3MB have become an entertaining enough group to merit a weekly time slot on WWE Monday Night Raw, and their futures seem relatively secure. 

    Slater and McIntyre have eased into the role seamlessly. Their long hair invites comparisons to rock stars, and their brash yet oddly endearing personalities fit the bill perfectly.

    However, the piece of the puzzle that just doesn't quite fit is Mahal.

    The self-professed “Maharaja”, who according to WWE.com was "Birthed into Indian royalty and is accustomed to having only the finest things in life," is about as far away from a rock star as you could imagine.

    From his turban to his awkward, forced enthusiasm during promos, Mahal is probably the last person on the WWE roster you would think "Hey, is that guy a rock star?"

    Credit to Mahal, though, he is trying to make this gimmick work. But there are other superstars who would have probably have more success filling the role, and I've picked some out for your perusal.

David Otunga

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    First, I should probably state that I in no way ever see this happening, but the idea of David Otunga joining 3MB makes me want to weep with happiness.

    Envisage a scenario where Otunga loses countless cases in the courtroom, he loses all credibility as a lawyer (as he already has as a wrestler) and suffers a nervous breakdown that leads him to joining 3MB.

    Otunga now just wants to party and rebel against the system that he has represented so admirably for many years.

    Picturing Otunga as the lead guitarist of an air guitar band is something befitting of a man becoming unraveled at a Christmas work party. But should this ever happen, 3MB could be elevated to the next level of lower mid-card comedy jobbers.

Justin Gabriel

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I can tell, Justin Gabriel has absolutely no gimmick in the slightest.

    He is from South Africa, that has been made abundantly clear. But aside from his incredible in-ring work, there is little else to note about Gabriel.

    Therefore, a character overhaul is certainly overdue, as it has been for a while, and based solely on appearance alone, Gabriel could certainly fit in with the 3MB image.

    His arm bands, as worn in this picture, would not be unfamiliar as pieces of clothing worn by those Gothic people or other miscreants Damien Sandow would have qualms with.

    The only stumbling block would be his problems on the microphone. Gabriel has never thrived during promos, and while Jinder Mahal gets by competently enough, generating believable credibility on the mic may be a struggle for Gabriel.

    Alas, a turn to the dark side of air metal may be a blessing for Gabriel, and being reunited with former tag-team partner Heath Slater could see 3MB dominate the tag division for weeks, at least.

John Cena

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    My satirical treat for all of you who have stuck it out this far is the notion of the much-wanted John Cena heel turn finally coming to fruition by Cena joining 3MB.

    This is strictly an attempt at jest, but imagine after eight years as the poster boy babyface of WWE if Cena abandoned his adoring fans, decided he'd had enough and claimed he just wanted to play air guitar for a while.

    The complaint of Cena's character becoming stale has essentially become stale in itself, and what better way for WWE to pull a swerve on its fans than have Cena become a heel alongside Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater?

    The options are endless. Cena's status could see the group rise to superstardom. And should he be involved with a rival at the time of his defection, Daniel Bryan for example, then Bryan could perhaps form a brass band and suddenly we have a "Battle of the Bands" live on WWE television.

    I know many of you who are reading this are probably thinking, "Gosh, why doesn't this bloke work for WWE creative?”

    I can't answer that question, folks. But let's hope I'm not alone in knowing this is the way forward for WWE, and that we will see this happen sooner rather than later.

Brodus Clay

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    In 2012, Brodus Clay went from an unstoppable, dancing babyface monster on Raw to barely getting a sniff on television on WWE SmackDown.

    Granted, WWE completely botched his run at the top with repetitive squash matches, a lack of meaningful feuds and involving children in his post-match victory dances. But all is not lost for Clay yet.

    Clay has a remarkable appearance, and his tattoos, spiked hair and fondness for a black mohawk make him a natural target for 3MB.

    In fact, Clay's allegiance with the group could transform them into bona fide mid-card stars, giving them some physical credibility with the addition of a monster to their ranks.

    With Clay as the intimidating presence at ringside, Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre have more than enough personality and competence in the ring to hang with the best WWE has to offer.

    The Clay factor may even see them gain a few wins. And with Clay's career heading south fast without a sudden intervention, this would be a perfect scenario for all parties concerned.

Zack Ryder

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    Zack Ryder's WWE career seems be very much dead in the water at this point.

    The final episode of Z! True Long Island Story is in the books, per se, and after WWE's Twitter Stunt on Raw recently, it appears the exit door may be looming for Ryder.

    It would be a long shot, but should Ryder turn heel and join 3MB, his career trajectory could only rise from what it is now. Much like Drew McIntyre, Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal, he could become a regular fixture on Raw once again.

    The Ryder saga is turning into one of the saddest stories in WWE history, with a man so desperate to get himself over but being offered virtually no help from the WWE's top dogs.

    Joining 3MB would perhaps be a last resort for Ryder. But at this stage in his career, I think many would rather see him stick around than leave the company completely.


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    In all honesty, I had no plans to write a "Conclusions" page to this slideshow, but this truly wonderful picture of 3MB in action compelled me to add another slide.

    Taking a serious stance once again, though, 3MB are fairly entertaining chaps, and while Jinder Mahal does his upmost to play the role as well as he can, a replacement could see the group become a tad bigger than they are now.

    Would you like to see Mahal replaced, or do you think he is performing adequately enough to justify his place in the group?

    Thanks very much for reading my ramblings. As ever, if you'd like to sound off in the comments section below, I'd be delighted to read your thoughts. I am also available to follow on Twitter @JWoodfield365.