TNA Genesis 2013 Predictions: Hardy vs. Aries vs. Roode, Sting vs. DOC and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJanuary 13, 2013

TNA Genesis 2013 Predictions: Hardy vs. Aries vs. Roode, Sting vs. DOC and More

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    TNA Wrestling presents Genesis, live on pay-per-view tonight!

    TNA’s annual January PPV debuted in November 2005 with Rhino and Team 3D defeating Jeff Jarrett and American’s Most Wanted in the main event, but after not being held in 2008, the event was moved to January the following year.

    For the eighth Genesis event, TNA Wrestling has booked eight matches, three of which that will see TNA World Heavyweight, X-Division and Tag Team Championships defended. This will be the company’s first PPV of the year and they look to start things off strong.

    So here is the card for the 2013 Genesis and who I think will be coming out on top!

Christian York vs. Kenny King: No. 1 Contenders Match

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    Last week, TNA set up a mini-tournament to determine the No. 1 contender for Rob Van Dam’s X-Division’s Championship, and by mini, I really do mean small. Featuring only four X-Division talents, the tournament is already at its finals.

    When it began last week, Christian York defeated Kid Kash to advance while Kenny King defeated Zema Ion this past Thursday. The winner of this match will be pulling double duty tonight as they will be receiving their title shot later on in the show.

    So that brings us to this simple question: who will win this match?

    Kenny King faced Van Dam last month at Final Resolution and came up short, but ever since then, the former ROH World Tag Team champion has been targeting the champion. Christian York entered into the mix on Open Fight Night when RVD chose to fight him over King, but he too would lose to the champion.

    While TNA does do a lot of babyface vs. babyface matches, I don’t think that will be the case later. Since King and RVD are actually involved in a storyline of sorts, I feel King will be winning the match here.

    This won’t be the last we hear from York, though, as I think he will remain in the X-Division Championship fold after this.


    Winner: Kenny King

Gail vs. ODB vs. Tessmacher vs. Mickie vs. Velvet Sky: No. 1 Contenders Gauntlet

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    I would have liked to seen a Knockouts Championship match on the PPV, but seeing five Knockouts instead of two is a good consolation prize.

    With Tara being a heel champion, I think that eliminates Gail Kim as a winner right off the bat. Miss Tessmacher seems to have started a storyline with Robbie E and Rob Terry if what happened this past Thursday on Impact Wrestling is any indication. It’s because of that that I’m going to eliminate Tessmacher as a possible winner, as well.

    So that brings it down to three women, all of whom are former Knockouts champions.

    Mickie James has just come off of two titles shots, one at Final Resolution and another a few weeks ago, but she failed both times to win the belt. Seeing as TNA likes to give the same person title shot after title shot sometimes, I wouldn’t doubt a Mickie victory here.

    ODB’s feud with Tara was ended abruptly last month due to the return of Mickie, so it’s possible that TNA could make it up to her with a win here.

    Velvet Sky has appeared sparingly since her return, so that could be interpreted as TNA waiting for the right time to put her back into the title hunt. To me, the most deserving are ODB and Velvet here.

    The Knockouts division has been nothing but Gail, Mickie, Tessmacher and Tara for months. It's time for someone else to get the spotlight! I’d be happy with either woman getting the win, but I think fans will be seeing the pigeons let loose tonight!


    Winner and No. 1 Contender: Velvet Sky

James Storm vs. Christopher Daniels

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    At Final Resolution, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels faced each other “one final time.” Daniels would pick up the victory in the match using Styles’ own Styles Clash and that led to Styles walking away from TNA Wrestling.

    He hasn’t been seen since the episode of Impact Wrestling after the PPV, but that didn’t stop Daniels and Kazarian, better known as Bad Influence, from adding insult to injury. Enter James Storm, who confronted them about their actions, and here you have this match.

    This feud is bringing back some old TNA memories, and they are thankfully good ones. As members of America’s Most Wanted and Triple X, respectively, Storm and Daniels have waged war in the past. During the feud, they even held the NWA World Tag Team Championship together.

    The last time they faced off as part of those teams was the 2004 Turning Point PPV in their infamous steel cage match, which is considered one of TNA’s best matches in their history. It’s certainly great to see them bring that chemistry back to the ring, but who will be able to come out on top?

    I feel that if Daniels loses, the feud won’t really have much steam left to continue. If the heel wins, Storm will have reason to continue to pursue Bad Influence. My dream scenario would see the return of Chris Harris for an America’s Most Wanted/Bad Influence feud, but for now, I’ll settle for a Christopher Daniels victory.


    Winner: Christopher Daniels

Joseph Park vs. Devon

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    In November, Joseph Park managed to unmask one of the members of the Aces and 8s. That member turned out to be DOC, and the former Luke Gallows chokeslammed him through a table for his troubles.

    Park wanted revenge, but general manager Hulk Hogan wouldn’t give it to him. So Park went to Ohio Valley Wrestling to get some training from Danny Davis and eventually returned this past Thursday on Impact Wrestling after Davis gave him a seal of approval.

    After annoying Hogan enough, Park received his match against a member of the group, and it turns out that member will be Devon.

    I’m a little disappointed that the Television Championship will not be on the line, but at the same time, I think having the title not be up for grabs helps in the prediction. With Sting back and seeking the end of the Aces and 8s, I think that the end of the group really is close.

    I feel that the biker gang will begin to lose control of their grip on TNA and it will begin tonight. While Devon will still be holding the Television Championship for the time being, he will be defeated by Joseph Park here.

    I think Devon will hit Park with something behind the referee’s back, which will bust him open and bring the Monster Abyss out to play.


    Winner: Joseph Park

Sting vs. DOC

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    In November, the Aces and 8s’ Director of Chaos attacked Sting with a hammer and took him out of action. Without the leader of the TNA army, the renegade group of masked men caused chaos on Impact Wrestling.

    They would go onto take out Magnus and Eric Young, while also targeting Kurt Angle. A video soon began to air featuring Sting declaring that he was ending the Aces and 8s once and for all and that DOC was his first target.

    Last week, Sting made his return and only got a small taste of revenge on DOC, but tonight he gets the former Luke Gallows one-on-one.

    With the Aces and 8s no doubt nearing its end, I feel the winner of this match is an obvious one. I can see an Aces and 8s vs. TNA Lethal Lockdown match at Lockdown in March, which will end the group.

    The two masked leaders and Devon will be going into the match with one less member of the group, though, as the Icon will be putting DOC on the shelf tonight.


    Winner: Sting

Rob Van Dam vs. Kenny King: TNA X-Division Championship

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    Times Title Defended at Genesis: six

    Times Successfully Defended: five

    This match obviously depends on whether or not Kenny King does indeed defeat Christian York earlier in the night. Since they do have a storyline of sorts going on, I would assume this will be the X-Division Championship match.

    King and Rob Van Dam had a good match at Final Resolution last month, so I have no doubt they’ll have another good one here. The title itself has been defended at six of the previous seven Genesis events and it has been successfully defended five of those times.

    History has been kind to the X-Division champion at this event, but I don’t think it’ll do Van Dam any good this year.

    Rob Van Dam isn’t really doing much for the title being champion. Sure, he’s an ECW legend and was “X-Division before there was an X-Division,” but RVD’s time is up. He can still put on a match depending on who his opponent is, but it’s time for him to get out of the division.

    I think that TNA feels the same way as Kenny King is being built up, and so is Christian York. Why build someone up if they weren’t going to go all the way?

    If King does defeat York, I think fans will be seeing a new X-Division champion here. Even if he doesn’t, I don’t see RVD walking out of Genesis with the X-Division Championship.


    Winner and New Champion: Kenny King (or Christian York)

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan: TNA Tag Team Titles

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    Times Title Defended at Genesis: six

    Times Successfully Defended: three

    Before Final Resolution, Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan began targeting the Tag Team champions, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. At the PPV event, the champions took down the newly formed team and that was it.

    Both teams disappeared until Open Fight Night when Guerrero and Hernandez popped back up to challenge Bad Influence. Last week, this feud was picked back up in a short match between Hernandez and Ryan, and this match was made as a result.

    It’s a shame to see TNA’s once great tag team division in shambles. I remember a time when the Tag Team Championship, whether they were NWA or TNA, got attention every week without exception. Hopefully this match will bring about change in the division. When I say change, I really do mean change.

    With the titles only being successfully defended three times out of the six defenses they have seen at this event, the champions do have a bit of a disadvantage, historically speaking. Since Morgan’s return has not lead to much so far, I feel that he and Ryan will be winning this match and the feud will intensify until coming to an end at Lockdown in March.

    Then again, whoever does win this match will probably just disappear until a few weeks before Lockdown. I hope that’s not the case, but I do feel that there will be new champions here.


    Winners and New Champions: Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan

Hardy vs. Aries vs. Roode: Triple Threat Elimination Match for World Title

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    Times Title Defended at Genesis: six

    Times Successfully Defended: four

    At TNA Bound for Glory in October, Jeff Hardy put an end to Austin Aries’ reign as TNA World Heavyweight champion. The “Greatest Man That Ever Lived” failed to regain his title in a Ladder match at Turing Point the following month and Hardy moved onto his new challenger, Bobby Roode.

    At Final Resolution, Roode would buy some insurance in the form of the Aces and 8s, but Aries proved to not be done in his quest to get back the title. He paid the group more money to not help Roode and that put the two heels at each other’s throats. At the same time, Aries and Roode seemed to have formed a strange friendship over their hatred for Hardy.

    Last week it was revealed that Hardy would defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against both of them in a Triple Threat Elimination match, and that brings us to tonight.

    I strongly believe that both Roode and Aries will be champion again this year, but could one of them win the title here? It’s hard to say. Both Aries and Roode are better overall performers than Hardy, but the Charismatic Enigma is no doubt the most popular wrestler on the TNA roster.

    I think this title match is a hard one to predict. Since I already have two titles changing hands tonight, though, I’m going to go with a Jeff Hardy victory here. Plus, a Hardy win is probably the safest bet at the end of the day.

    As for the order of the eliminations, I can see Bobby Roode being eliminated first to leave Hardy going one-on-one with Austin Aries for the ending of the match.


    Winner and Still Champion: Jeff Hardy