Tazz Done With WWE?

Sebastian LockContributor IJune 14, 2016

In the week leading up to WrestleMania, I have just read that WWE announcer Tazz has now left the company.

His contract ran out at the end of last week, and he and the WWE have been unable to agree to a deal. He completed last night's Smackdown! episode, and that was his last show. Obviously this now leave the WWE in a very interesting position ,as Jim Ross has not gotten a co-commentator.

Although I do believe they have a few options. Matt Striker has done very well on ECW and you could just slot him in with JR ,and do the one ECW match with JR and just have Todd Grisham backstage.

Another option could just be to have JR and King reunited and doing the whole show, although this probably would not go over too well with Michael Cole. Maybe they could even bring in Joey Styles to do commentary.

In the long term I feel another option they could go for is JBL. There are rumors that he is set to retire, maybe even at WrestleMania, and he has past experience, so the WWE could just slot him back in on Smackdown!

I liked him in the past and think it would be good to have him on doing commentary again.