Ten Things That Would Have Made 25 Years Worth Waiting For

J. RobinsonCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2009

With all the 'Mania hype growing and growing, there have been a lot of recaps and reminders of what is going to happen in just a few days.

There have also been predictions on what would or could happen this weekend in Houston. But I have seen very few stories on what SHOULD happen at this spectacle.

I have devised a list of ideas that I want to see to make this WrestleMania worthy of being an anniversary. Some are more realistic than others, and there are even some ideas that will contradict other things I would like to see happen.

I would have made a slideshow, but I have to be at work in a couple of hours and finding pictures on Google of exactly what you want can be a pain.

In the words of the lovely Celeste Winchester, let's begin, shall we?


1. Randy Orton vs. Triple H for the WWE Championship: Hell In A Cell

A "Hell in a Cell" match would be perfect for these two.

Triple H masters in many match styles, but his best are "Last Man Standing" and "Hell in a Cell."

Because Triple H is overdue for "Hell in a Cell," and he already faced Orton in a "Last Man Standing" match at No Way Out in 2007, it is safe to say we should have seen a cell match here at WrestleMania XXV.

There has only been one "Hell in a Cell" match at a WrestleMania, and it featured the other "king" of this format, the Undertaker.

In order to save WrestleMania's main event this year, we need a cell match.

Of course, if this does not happen, we can always rely on my second idea.


2. Shane and Stephanie McMahon Screw Triple H and Join Legacy

Let's face it, we all want to see it. And in the back of our minds, we know it will happen.

It is the perfect ending and perfect twist to the match. I even have it all planned out.

First, Shane needs to be the special referee for Orton-Triple H and then turn the whole thing into a "No Disqualification" match.

Toward the end, have Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. come out and attack Triple H. When they do, Trips lays'em both out and goes to retrieve his sledge hammer, Ol' Faithful. He nails Cody and Ted.

As he goes to lay out Orton, have Stephanie come out and grab the sledgehammer from him. Shocked, Hunter won't realize Orton is stalking him.

He turns around and...BOOM! RKO

Shane counts the 1, 2, 3 and your new champion will be Randy Orton.

Its perfect. I can even see the segment on RAW the next day. Stephanie explains why they screwed him, saying that he was old news and Randy is young and displays that "ruthless aggression" that the McMahon's live off of.

Hell, I can even see another Alliance taking place.

Nonetheless, this will be good if Triple H wants to become a 17-time World Champion and surpass Naitch.

Then again, if you want some reality, then check out No. 3.


3. Priceless vs. Shane and Vince McMahon

After watching the last episode of Raw, I think one more match is what McMahon needs to maintain a cool, calm, collective attitude.

We all know he's lost it, it just hasn't become official.

He looked so vicious as he whaled on DiBiase multiple times in the head.

This match would put the perfect finishing touch to WrestleMani. We still have a few days, people, so do not sleep on this idea.

Now, off the Legacy/McMahon trip and on to something a little more historical.


4. The Rock vs. John Cena

Rocky's last match was not the way I wanted to see him go out. He needs to kick some more roody poo...well you know the rest.

I see John Cena being the perfect candidate to be the newest guest at the Smackdown hotel. He is basically following the Rock's footsteps, whether you want to admit it or not.

The People's Elbow versus The Five-Knuckle Shuffle. The Sharpshooter versus The STF. The Rock Bottom versus The Attitude Adjustment.

The Race To Witch Mountain versus 12 Rounds.

Okay, I think I went a little to far with that one.

It would be a blockbuster matchup. If I had to pick a winner, I would go with the Rock.

That would make for one hell of Wrestlemania moment. Plus, people will boo the hell out of Cena like they did to The Rock when he faced Hulk Hogan.

I smell a heel change...

The reason I pitted Cena against Rock is because Cena does not deserve to be champ and he doesn't need to be in this whole "love square" with Vickie, Edge, and Big Show.

Cue my fifth idea.


5. Big Show vs. Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship, with Special Referee Vickie Guerrero

With the shenanigans that Vickie, Edge, and Big Show are pulling, there is no need for Cena. These guys can ruin a match at 'Mania by themselves.

Make Vickie the referee, have her screw Edge over, and we will see things that need to happen: Edge's face turn that every one wants to see, Big Show becoming a champion one last time before he retires, and Edge spearing Vickie at WrestleMania.



wait for it. wait for it.......


Okay, enough with that.

I was in Detroit at WrestleMania 23 and watched Kennedy win the "Money in the Bank" ladder match. I was sold that he was going to be a good champion.

Then that creep Edge stole his shot from him.

We need Kennedy back, and he needs to be in Mr. Money in the Bank. Swap him out for a HUGE waste of talent in Mark Henry and you got your self a match.

Everyone is waiting for Kennedy's return, and even though he said he won't be there, I would love to see Mr. Ken Kennedy compete at WrestleMania.

Dreams come true.

Speaking of dreams...


7. Tommy Dreamer Replaces Finlay in the "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match.

For all you hardcore ECW fans, I did not forget about you. We all know that Dreamer's career in E-C-Dub was way better than the crap they have him doing in WWE.

Picture Dreamer grabbing the briefcase and cashing it in at One Night Stand. Now that, my friends, will be hardcore.

And speaking of hardcore...


8. Chris Jericho vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin: No Holds Barred

This is what it is all about: the perfect legend versus the perfect jackass legend-hater.

This rumor buzzed the Internet for months on end before Austin finally came out and said he is not healthy enough to compete. But I will still put this on the list for the fans.

Imagine Stone Cold giving a Stunner to Y2J, Flair slapping on the Figure Four, then Mickey Rourke coming out and giving Jericho a punch, followed by another Stunner from Austin.

End it with the Austin drinking some cold ones and there is another historic moment.


9. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker: Buried Alive Match

We all know these two are going to retire soon. How about making the match a "Buried Alive" match? It'd be perfect for those fans who want HBK to beat The Phenom at 'Mania.

His streak will be over and so will his career. And yes, I am one of those guys who believes that when the streak ends, so will the career of the Deadman.


10. Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger for the ECW Championship

The match we deserve to see right? I know I speak for many when I say McMahon sucks for not making this a match at WrestleMania.

Two of the top young stars making their debut match at 'Mania for a title that opens the door for things to comeWhere could it go wrong?

Bourne and Swagger have what it takes to put on a match that could, indeed, be in the top three on any card.

If only Vince really knew what the fans wanted to see.


What a list, huh? With just a few days to go, a lot of these things I have predicted could come true.

At least I hope they do.

For the WWE universe, it is what we deserve. Twenty-five years of the best wrestling and entertainment needs to be toasted by this event.



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