Seattle Seahawks Should Draft Michael Crabtree

Kyle MooreContributor IMarch 31, 2009

People say that they will draft Stafford with their first pick. I don't think so; they can pick a QB like Nate Davis in the third round. Well, you never know, because look at stuff this way: Tom Brady was picked in the sixth round and turned out to be one of the best QBs ever.

Now we have OL. Seattle can draft an OL next year because Walter Jones has probably one or two years left; they just re-signed Willis, so I think he can learn from him and be less money.

D-line they have a great defensive line. You have Patrick Kerney, Darryl Tapp, Brandon Membane, Corry Redding, and you don't know if Bryant Red is good yet.

They also have Colin Cole.

LB Aaron Curry is very good, but all the Seahawks really have to do is draft a linebacker with a pick. Hopefully they sign one and wait 'til next year. They can pick up Derrick Brooks or move a defensive end like Darry Tapp to OLB.

So that's done.

They need Michael Crabtree because their WR crops are not that good. Yes, they signed TJ, but he's old and Deion Branch is mostly hurt.

TJ crosses the field; he's not really a gamebreaker down the field. Michael Crabtree is a huge playmaker. I know everybody saw what he did at the Texas game. So I think Micahel Crabtree is the best option for Seattle.

That's all, I'm out.