Joakim Noah and the 10 Most Unique Personalities in Chicago Bulls History

Mike B.Correspondent IJanuary 17, 2013

Joakim Noah and the 10 Most Unique Personalities in Chicago Bulls History

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    Ever since the Chicago Bulls arrived on the NBA scene in 1966, a slew of unique personalities have come and gone.

    Current Bulls center Joakim Noah is a perfect example.

    Back on draft night 2007, the former Florida star wore one of the craziest looking suits we've ever seen. And plus, he cheesed really big for the camera as he stood next to commissioner David Stern.

    You can't get much more unique than that.       

    Look for Noah to showcase his funny personality for years to come in the Windy City. Bulls fans just can't get enough of this guy. 

10. Jerry Krause

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    We begin with Jerry Krause, the only executive to make the list.

    The former Bulls GM did an excellent job assembling a quality supporting cast around Michael Jordan. While many fans should love him for that, they don't due to his "I don't really care what you think; I'm going to make this move anyway" personality.

    Krause broke up the Bulls dynasty a year or two prematurely and later attempted to build another dynasty centered around Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry, two big men fresh out of high school.

    He made fans angry sometime, but guess what, he didn’t really care.

9. Charles Oakley

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    Charles Oakley was an important player for the New York Knicks, who had a rather heated rivalry with the Bulls back in the ‘90s. With that said, it’s crazy to think that he played with the Bulls before his tenure in New York. 

    As a Bull, Oakley was a bit of a bully to his teammates, well maybe just to Scottie Pippen. Just check out the video to your left.

    Watch Oak grab Pippen's shirt and smack him around a couple times like a rag doll. Oakley wasn’t a bad teammate, though; he was just taking part in some rookie hazing.

8. Jim Durham

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    Jim Durham, who passed away a few months ago, served as a Bulls broadcaster for nearly 20 years.

    He helped keep fans excited about the Bulls with his lively play-by-play.   

    Here's what Durham had to say following Michael Jordan's game-winner versus the Cleveland Cavaliers in the '89 playoffs.

    The inbounds pass comes in to Jordan. Here's Michael at the foul line, the shot on Ehlo...GOOD! THE BULLS WIN IT! THEY WIN IT! They upset the Cleveland Cavaliers! Michael Jordan hits it at the foul line! 101-100!  20,273 in stunned silence here in the Coliseum. Michael Jordan with 44 points in a game hit the shot over Craig Ehlo.  What tremendous heroics we have had in Game 5. From both teams, what a  spectacular series this has been. In my days in the NBA, 16 years, this  is the greatest series I've ever seen!

7. Johnny "Red" Kerr

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    Like Jim Durham, the late Johnny "Red" Kerr was a legendary Bulls broadcaster. And also like Durham, he made Bulls games better due to his mind-boggling enthusiasm. 

    Check out the video to hear how hyped Kerr would get when Michael Jordan hit game-winning shots. You would think that he just won $10 million dollars and was falling out his chair in joy.

    In 1995, after Jordan's big shot against the Atlanta Hawks, Kerr yelled "He is now back!" 

    His enthusiasm may never be matched.

6. Stacey King

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    Stacey King played a few years for the Bulls, helping Michael Jordan and Co. win three NBA titles.

    The 6'11 power forward didn't make this list because of his playing career, but because of his commentating.

    You can catch King on WGN-TV these days using a bunch of interesting catchphrases and nicknames.

    He referred to former Bull Kurt Thomas as “Big Sexy” and Ronnie Brewer as “Chicago’s Finest Brew.”   

    A few of his phrases include "I didn't come for the massage, Funk, I came for the facial," “He just blew by him like he had an I-Pass” and "Step back and let me kiss myself."

5. Derrick Rose

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    Derrick Rose is one of the most humble people in all of sports, there's no denying that. Unlike many other NBA superstars, the Chicago native is far from cocky and self-centered.

    If Rose were to score 50 points in a game while shooting a perfect 25-of-25 from the field and leading the Bulls to a 30-point win, he would still tell reporters that he could've done better.

    He knows he's good, but he definitely won't let you know that.

    These days, humility is rare.

    Bulls fans can't wait for the injured point guard (torn ACL) to return to the hardwood.   

4. Joakim Noah

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    When you think of unique personalities, the name Joakim Noah has to come to mind fairly quickly. If it doesn't, then you're not a true NBA fan.

    When you watch Noah play, you're sure to see him show his emotions often. The man gets excited—really excited—whenever he make a big play, and that happens quite often.

    He has made some pretty comical comments throughout his career, like making it clear that he isn't in love with the city of Cleveland.     

    There isn't anything shy about Noah. He'll tell you what's on his mind.

3. Michael Jordan

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    Michael Jordan is the greatest player to ever wear an NBA uniform, and one of the main reasons for achieving that status is his competitiveness.

    Back in 1993, a little-known player for the Washington Bullets (now Wizards) named LaBradford Smith  scored 37 points against Jordan.

    Rumor has it that MJ told Smith that he'd score 37 in the first half when the two teams met again, which happened to be the very next night.

    Jordan scored 36 by halftime the next game, almost keeping his word. He would finish the game with 47.

    While many stars today wouldn't care about a non-star scoring 37 on them, Jordan cared. Being that competitive makes him unique.

2. Ron Artest (Metta World Peace)

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    A unique personality list wouldn't be right without an appearance from Metta Word Peace.

    He, of course, went by the name Ron Artest during his three-season stint in Chicago. 

    As a member of the Bulls, Artest once applied for a job at Best Buy in an attempt to get an employee discount. Yes, even millionaires need a discount at an electronics store.

    Also, he supposedly used to drink Hennessy at halftime of games. One word to describe that is "wow." Couldn't he just wait until after the game?     

1. Dennis Rodman

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    You knew Dennis Rodman was going to make the list. And you also knew he was going to grab the top spot.

    Who else would be No.1?

    “The Worm” certainly showcased his zany personality during his three-year stay in Chicago. Whether his hair was dyed blonde, green or red, the Hall of Fame forward was sure to entertain fans across the country.    

    As a Bull, Rodman once kicked a cameraman in Minnesota, tripped Karl Malone in the NBA Finals and no one will ever forget the time he wore a wedding dress.

    When you marry yourself, it’s safe to say you have a unique personality.