Viral Video Breakdown: Katherine Webb, Pau Gasol and More Hot Video Clips

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 11, 2013

Viral Video Breakdown: Katherine Webb, Pau Gasol and More Hot Video Clips

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    Katherine Webb became an overnight success at the BCS Championship Game, Pau Gasol received his very own fake PSA and we have a ton of other videos to share. 

    This wasn't your typical week in sports. 

    The Lakers continued to lose and Alabama won a title, so some things were business as usual. When it comes to the fans on the sidelines, however, the world has lost its mind. 

    You will of course notice the addition of AJ McCarron's girlfriend to this week's edition of viral videos. Katherine Webb is riding a bizarre and swift ride to stardom. 

    Of course, if we missed anything or you just want to chime in, please do so in the comments section below. 

Freshman Drops Epic Shot

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    Let me ruin this video by saying the freshman from Liganore High in Maryland gets the ball with seconds left and throws the ball over his head to make the basket. 

    There, you want to see the video even more now, don't you. 

    More Information: Freshman Basketball Player Makes Miracle Buzzer Beater

Gary Blair Break Dance

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    Yes, Texas A&M women's coach Gary Blair did indeed drop a great half-court shot that had his team break out screaming, but that hardly excuses the dance that came right after. 

    More Information: Texas A&M Coach Gary Blair Busts out Awful Moonwalk After Half-Court Shot

Amazing Self Alley-Oop

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    San Diego State's Jamaal Franklin is the good kind of selfish—the kind that really lets everyone in his vicinity reap rewards. 

    Well, other then the opposition of course. 

    Here he is, essentially, going 1-on-3 against Fresno State with an off-the-backboard alley-oop to himself. 

    More Information: San Diego State's Jamaal Franklin Doesn't Need Help with Alley-Oop in Sick Dunk

Katherine Webb's Star Is Born

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    This is the moment AJ McCarron's girlfriend became Katherine Webb, American darling. 

    Her Twitter blew up and she is now pegged to feature in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. It's all because Brent Musburger had a little crush. 

    More Information: Sports Illustrated Confirms Surprise BCS Star Katherine Webb for Swimsuit Issue

Anthony Marshall Doesn't Hit Fan

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    Some bag of a fan decided to shove Anthony Marshall during this week's game between rivals New Mexico and UNLV. 

    Props to Marshall for not going completely medieval on who we assume to be a drunk fan. 

    More Information: UNLV's Anthony Marshall Shows Restraint After Shove from New Mexico Fan

Bob Knight Is Confused

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    Poor Bob Knight needs a little help understanding the difference between the game clock and the shot clock. 

    Rece Davis is there with the assist in a moment so bizarre, it overshadows the fact that Vanderbilt got jobbed by officials who didn't spot an obvious shot-clock violation. 

    More Information: Shot Clock Completely Flummoxes Bob Knight, Rece Davis with the Assist


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    It only took retirement for Shaquille O'Neal to put his likeness to a decent-looking video game. 

    Here is the ad for the iOS and Android video game that looks far better than any screen capture from the ill-fated ShaqFu. 

    More Information: That New Shaquille O'Neal Video Game Nobody Was Waiting for Looks Awesome

Alex Ovechkin Goes Gillette Mad

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    If the goal of an advertisement is to grab the audience and keep its interest for the entire duration of the commercial, this Alex Ovechkin spot for Gillette works wonders. 

    More Information: Capitals' Alex Ovechkin Features in Weird and Hypnotic Gillette Commercial

Katherine Webb Parody

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    Any great sensation is bound to have their very own parody song. Here is the zany song for the crazy tale behind the rising star Katherine Webb. 

    It's set to the song "Jessie's Girl" and is delivered from the point of view of poor ol' Brent Musburger. 

    More Information: AJ McCarron's Girlfriend Katherine Webb Obviously Has Her Own Parody Song


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    Poor Pau Gasol is being used and abused, forced to run the floor and shoot three-pointers that never draw net. 

    It's time to set him free with this fake Sarah McLachlan PSA video that should give you the giggles. 

    More Information: LA Lakers' Pau Gasol Needs to Be Traded According to Sarah McLachlan Mock PSA

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