Current TNA Knockout Criticises WWE for Its Treatment of the Divas Division

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJanuary 11, 2013

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In a recent interview with radio show Monday Night Mayhem (via WrestlingInc), former WWE Diva and current TNA Knockout Tara criticized America's No. 1 wrestling company for its neglectful treatment of its women's division.

The star, who worked for WWE between 2000 and 2009 under the name "Victoria," also claimed that fans should not blame the girls in the company for the dull, watered-down state of the women's wrestling product, noting that they are extremely limited in what they can do.

Discussing the deeply troubled Divas division, Tara also said she felt grateful that she worked for TNA, where the women are usually given more time and storyline opportunities:

It's not their fault. They have some great talent over there (in the WWE), but you cannot tell a story in four minutes with two entrances. We're lucky to have that much time on television to do it. I hope they get more time in the future, because they aren't getting their opportunity.

Given the shocking number of women that have departed WWE in the past 18 months, it would seem that at least some of the Divas agree.

Indeed, NXT Diva Maxine spoke out to Diva Dirt last year about how her frustrations with not getting used led her to ask for her release. Former Diva Gail Kim also complained to The Sun website shortly after her WWE exit about what she perceived as the company's indifferent attitude toward its women, citing it as the main factor in her leaving.

When asked on his official Twitter account a couple of months ago why so many girls were leaving, Adam "Edge" Copeland, who has been romantically linked (PWI via WrestlingInc) with ex-Diva Beth Phoenix, said: "I don't think they get a shot, and that's why most leave. No incentive."

Of course, considering TNA's increasingly casual approach to its women's division, it remains to be seen if Tara really should be claiming that promotion is so much better than her former employer.

Sure, Tara (along with Mickie James and Velvet Sky) gets a decent amount of airtime, but what about other women like ODB or Madison Rayne? And what happened to the time when the Knockouts were all over the show instead of being restricted to one or two segments on Impact?