Kobe Bryant: Not a Leader

Ralph isaacAnalyst IMarch 26, 2008

I'll admit, I'm pissed at the fact that we just lost to Charlotte Bobcats, one of the worst road team in the NBA. But after watching this game, I find myself doubting whether Kobe Bean Bryant, who got himself ejected with three minutes left against the Bobcats,  is a leader or not. And I'm starting to lean more on the "not" part.

How about we start with the problem here: the technicals. Kobe got fifteen of them. Having that many technical fouls for a season indicate that one cannot control his emotions. One more and Kobe will be suspended for one game, and any additional technicals will mean additional suspension from this point on.

Having a leader, on a team contending for a championship, who can't control his emotions is a disaster waiting to happen. Just ask the Pistons what it felt to watch Rasheed Wallace melt down last playoffs against the Cavs.

Second, Kobe whining for fouls on every single play is starting to piss me off. It's disturbing to watch, real talk! I don't know if it's arrogance or the fact that he thinks the refs should call a foul in his favor every time he drives to the basket. Sometimes, there isn't even a foul-even with replay as proof, and Kobe still argues for a foul. Why would a player of this caliber resort to crying for fouls??

A team takes the characteristics of its leader, good or bad. At times Kobe stay on the other end arguing for fouls and leaving his teammates on the other end to play four on five which against good teams usually result in a two or three point loss. Other players have started to do the same trend as Kobe.

From the refusing to shoot because he was criticized, to allegedly snitching on Shaq, to allegedly forcing Shaq out, to demanding a trade (not being able to control himself), to throwing his teammates under the bus, and to making his teammates and the organization's life miserable during training camp,  Kobe risks having his leadership revoked.

Not to mention that he felt that he didn't deserve any blame for the Laker situation last season. And had Kobe not create that turmoil, KG might be have been in LA right now, though that's a story for another day.

It's more telling how the Laker players talk of Fisher as being a leader. Odom: "Fish doesn't try to be or say he's a leader, he just is!". Farmar has dished out similar praise toward Fisher. And none of them has ever said that about Kobe!