Ranking the Detroit Pistons' Most Entertaining Player Twitter Accounts

Jay WierengaCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2013

Ranking the Detroit Pistons' Most Entertaining Player Twitter Accounts

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    Since the inception of Twitter a few years ago, the fans of the major sports have been treated to a unique glimpse inside of the world of their favorite athletes.

    Sure, some of it can be incredibly lame and sometimes tasteless, but overall it has been a fascinating view inside the lives of the world's greatest players.

    Of all the major sports, the most dedicated tweeters have certainly been those in the NBA. Basketball players, for whatever reason, seem to be addicted to this form of social media.

    Here is a look at the most entertaining Detroit Pistons tweeters.

13. Will Bynum

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    Will Bynum (@12WillTheThrill) has been the key to the Pistons' recent surge of great play off the bench.

    His Twitter feed is not exactly like his style of play, which is to say it isn't overly exciting.

    In fact, he has only one tweet!

    Hopefully Bynum gets on the Twitter train soon, as this guy certainly has a lot to say.

12. Corey Maggette

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    Corey Maggette (@C_Maggette) is one of the oldest guys on the Pistons roster, but he has shown savvy with Twitter like a guy half his age.

    Just kidding, Maggette only has seven tweets and hasn't said anything since the middle of last year.

    Probably not worth subscribing to, in all honesty.

11. Tayshaun Prince

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    Tayshaun Prince is the senior member of the Pistons and the lone holdover from the championship year of 2004.

    Maybe that has led him to be overly cautious. Prince is the only member of the Pistons that protects his Twitter feed and only allows his tweets to be seen by those that are confirmed followers.

    So if you are lucky enough to get confirmed as a follower, you will be privy to his unique insights into life and basketball. I will respect his wishes and keep his tweets private.

10. Kyle Singler

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    Kyle Singler (@KyleSingler) has seen his role increase dramatically over the course of the season, landing in the starting lineup at shooting guard. Therefore, it stands to reason that his Twitter activity has been severely curtailed.

    Over the last three months, his activity basically includes about three tweets per month.

    But during the offseason, he was a regular. Look for his activity to increase once spring rolls around.

9. Khris Middleton

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    Khris Middleton (@Khris22m) is someone that most Pistons fans might have trouble picking out of a lineup.

    He was a second-round pick from Texas A&M that rarely sees the light of day in a Pistons uniform.

    He is fairly dedicated to Twitter, however, although his tweets tend to be somewhat vanilla.

    That being said, he has shown a dedication to college football, the FIFA video game and a compassion for the children killed in the recent school shooting.

8. Kim English

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    Kim English (@Englishscope24) doesn't get to see a lot of playing time, and you can kind of tell by his Twitter feed.

    He updates constantly, and he doesn't really talk about basketball a lot.

    Topics of interest include NFL football, college football and politics.

    When he does talk basketball, it is usually about his Missouri Tigers, of which he is a great fan and avid watcher.

7. Rodney Stuckey

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    Rodney Stuckey is an interesting guy.

    Last year it came out that he had consulted a psychologist to help control his emotions and to have someone to talk to. Not a lot of NBA players are willing to do this, let alone admit it.

    His Twitter account isn't always the most lively (@RodneyStuckeyP3), as he has gone months without updating it, but every once in a while you will get a nugget from him like when he admitted that he didn't like guarding Kobe Bryant.

    Hopefully he gets back on the Twitter track soon.

6. Greg Monroe

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    Greg Monroe (@M10OSE) is an interesting tweeter. He goes days without updating, and then has a flurry of tweets during a three or four-hour stretch.

    Last week he took to the air to discuss what he was watching on television (he is a big Scandal fan) and seems intent on engaging his fans.

    Overall, his tweets feel like they are directed at a few friends with plenty of inside jokes and discussions.

    But he also shows that he likes spending time with his teammates, taking in games with the likes of Andre Drummond during off nights.

5. Brandon Knight

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    Brandon Knight (@BrandonKnight07) is still finding his game on the NBA level.

    Thankfully for his fans, he has already figured out Twitter.

    During the last month, Knight has looked for advice on food, followed along with the BCS national title game and dished on television.

    He sometimes goes through long stretches without tweeting, but overall, he is a worthwhile follow for those looking for inside Pistons information.

4 .Jonas Jerebko

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    Before being relegated to the bench, Jonas Jerebko (@JonasJerebko) was one of the biggest fan favorites in Detroit.

    One of the funnest things about Jerebko's game was the Viking horn that would blare from the Palace whenever he made a good play. In a lot of ways, it called to mind the Big Ben gong during the good old days in Detroit.

    Jerebko is an avid tweeter and usually has some nice updates about life. However, nearly half of his tweets are in Swedish, so consult your Swedish-English dictionaries before checking him out.

3. Austin Daye

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    Austin Daye (@Adaye5) has enjoyed a resurgence in his role with Detroit, finding a niche as a stretch-4 big man off of the bench.

    During this time, as well as his run as an outcast, he continued to pump his Twitter feed with useful, as well as useless, information.

    Daye is probably the most addicted to Twitter amongst his teammates. He will check in to let people know if he is planning on napping, if he is going to bed early and what he is planning on eating.

    He even tweets while at the movies, a major no-no.

2. Andre Drummond

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    Andre Drummond (@DRE_DRUMMOND_) is the youngest guy on the Pistons, so it serves to imagine that he is the most connected to social media.

    In fact, Drummond shows quite a bit more maturity through his Twitter feed than you might imagine.

    This past week, he was on a Beatles kick, quoting John Lennon a couple of times. He also reached out to fans to see about going to a high school basketball game together and threw his support behind the UConn ladies basketball team.

    This should be a fun one to watch for years to come.

1. Charlie Villanueva

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    Charlie Villanueva (@CV31) is particularly dedicated to his Twitter account.

    Not only is he on here daily, but he seems to want to connect with his followers by the minute.

    In the past month, he has done everything from look for advice on movies ("anyone see taken 2?") to beg for a nickname for him and his second-unit buddies.

    Sure, mixed in are a bunch of vanilla statements after wins and talk about practice, but overall, it seems to give a nice glimpse into his world.