WWE Royal Rumble 2013: 10 WWE Superstars Who Should Be in the Match

Bill Pivetz@@BPiv_SportsCorrespondent IIIJanuary 11, 2013

WWE Royal Rumble 2013: 10 WWE Superstars Who Should Be in the Match

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    The 2013 Royal Rumble takes place in a little over two weeks and the rumble match is starting to take shape.

    John Cena announced his participation on Dec. 31. Randy Orton and Sheamus announced theirs the following Smackdown. Dolph Ziggler and the 3MB entered the rumble last Monday. The most recent participant, Antonio Cesaro, announced his entry during this week’s SmackDown taping (spoiler alert).

    There are now 22 spots remaining. I assume there will be about three legends, like usual, and one or two returning stars entering the match.

    I expect to see a tag match between Team Hell No and Team Rhodes Scholars, so all four of them will be excluded from the list.

    Here are 10 more Superstars who should be entered into the rumble match on Jan. 27. 


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    With CM Punk currently occupied with The Rock, Ryback must wait for his revenge.

    The perfect way to do that is to compete in the Royal Rumble. Many have Ryback as a favorite in this match, with good reason. He’s a powerful Superstar that can’t be stopped, unless it is because of outside interference.

    Ryback is also a rookie and the Rumble has been known to push rookies, like Brock Lesnar.

    If the WWE doesn’t plan to have Ryback winning, he could be booked like Kane was back in 2001. He could dominate the match and then be eliminated by someone else at the end.

The Miz

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    Miz has bounced around from heel to heel since his face turn. He was in a verbal exchange with CM Punk and then Team Rhodes Scholars four weeks later.

    He is now in a feud with Antonio Cesaro, who is currently in the Rumble match.

    This is the perfect opportunity to get Miz into the match and get his hands on his rival.

    Miz seems to be slowly working his way back to the top as a face turn and an impressive Rumble showing could be helpful.

Big E. Langston

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    Big E. Langston is the newest call-up from NXT and has made an impact. He attacked John Cena at the end of the Dec. 17 edition of Raw and then aligned himself with Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee.

    With Ziggler and Cena participants in this year’s Rumble match, it only makes sense for Langston to join them.

    I see Langston coming out after Ziggler and then protecting him for a few minutes before Cena eliminates them both, kind of like what Punk did with the Nexus a couple of years ago.

Wade Barrett

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    Antonio Cesaro is not defending his US title, so I don’t expect Wade Barrett to defend his Intercontinental title either.

    With that being said, Barrett looks like he is back on track to be a major player for WWE in 2013 and a major run in this year’s Rumble will continue his push.

    I don’t see Barrett winning this year’s Rumble, but I do see him being in the final four and maybe the last one eliminated.

Kofi Kingston

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    Now, if Kofi Kingston’s main rival is in the Rumble, why shouldn’t he join him?

    Kingston has made some lasting impressions in the Rumble, including his handstand to avoid elimination last year.

    Although he may not be a favorite to win the match, he is athletic enough to give the fans an exciting spot or two during his time in the Rumble.

The Shield

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    The Shield is all about injustice. It would be an injustice if they were not a part of this match.

    They are the best act in the WWE right now and no one else is even close.

    It would be interesting to see how they fare in the Royal Rumble, especially if they were to be separated. Would Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns be able to fend for themselves without their partners by their side?

    In the end, I do predict they will enter about four spots away from each other in order to capitalize on their opponents and take out Superstars one by one.

Prime Time Players

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    The Prime Time Players are an underrated tag team. Titus O’Neil is a great talker, which was heard when he and Darren Young were on commentary back in November.

    They are an entertaining team that could slow the pace of the match down in the middle, but nothing more.

    However, they would provide the fans with a bit of comedy kind of like what Too Cool did back in 2000.