Dallas Cowboys: Analyzing Top Available Offensive Coordinators on Cowboys' List

Bo Martin@BoKnowsBCBContributor IJanuary 11, 2013

Dallas Cowboys: Analyzing Top Available Offensive Coordinators on Cowboys' List

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    The Dallas Cowboys are undergoing a makeover this offseason.  While much attention has been made about the pursuit of a defensive coordinator, many have forgotten about the need for an offensive coach.

    While I don’t think that there are as many dynamic options as we would like, I do believe that the Cowboys are likely looking at a few. 

    It’s also quite possible that there are prospective coordinators that we haven’t even thought of yet.  That being said, I’ve come up with who I believe are the top options the Cowboys are looking at this particular moment.

    Things can always change and new names will continue to emerge.  If there is one thing for sure, the Cowboys need to hit a home run with this choice. 

    No Pressure.

Norv Turner

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    Since his release from the San Diego Chargers, Norv Turner has been a popular name in discussions for Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator.

    It’s understandable why fans would welcome Turner, who had excellent success as OC for the Cowboys during the '90s dynasty. 

    Turner’s resume speaks for itself; he is a storied offensive mastermind that has experienced consistent success.  In the last six years, Turner’s offenses finished outside of the top-5 only once in points scored.

    The Cowboys personnel would be intriguing for Turner.  They are an explosive unit that has much strength.  Turner focuses on a balanced offensive attack and would be able to maximize the production of DeMarco Murray.

    A negative that would be apparent to Turner is that he would have to implement his philosophy with an offensive minded head coach always giving his input.  The presence of Jason Garrett and a past relationship with Jerry Jones may keep Norv Turner from entertaining consideration to this position.

Pete Carmichael

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    Pete Carmichael is a very intriguing option for the Cowboys.  At 41 years old, he has a very impressive resume and could ignite this offense into one of the top units in the NFL.

    Carmichael has spent the past four seasons with the New Orleans Saints.  In those four seasons, he’s finished first, eleventh, second, and third respectively in the league rankings for points scored.  Additionally, he’s never finished lower than sixth in the league ranks for offensive yards in his tenure with the Saints.

    Carmichael does have one blemish on his record, which came in the 2000 season when he was with the Cleveland Browns.  With the Browns, he had the league's second worst offense.

    Carmichael would be my number one choice if I had a say in this decision.  He is a dynamic coordinator who understands how to expose defenses.  With the personnel the Cowboys have and the focus of a true offensive coordinator, the Cowboys could be among the league's top offenses again. 

    Carmichael is being interviewed for head coaching positions, but I believe when all is said and done he’ll end continuing coordinating offenses. 

Chan Gailey

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    Jerry Jones has always said that he regrets letting Chan Gailey go.

    Well here’s your chance to remedy that, Jerry.

    Gailey is moving on from an unsuccessful stint in Buffalo, but is still a solid offensive mind in this game.

    Gailey is a serviceable offensive coordinator, but hasn’t had the recent success that many would have hoped after a very successful start to his career.  In the '90s as an offensive coordinator, Gailey was never ranked in the bottom half of the league in any category. 

    One of Gailey’s biggest strengths is his ability to scheme for any offensive personnel.  So there is no doubt that he could come into the situation in Dallas and be successful.

    Gailey isn’t an explosive offensive mastermind.  He keeps his offenses very fundamental and tries to focus’ on balance and efficiency.  One thing that will attract the Cowboys to him is that he’ll be willing to work with Jason Garrett and implement Garrett’s ideas.

    In my opinion, Gailey is the worst option for the Cowboys.  He wouldn’t bring in a new philosophy that would reignite a once dynamic offense.  He would just try and simplify the one we have to improve its efficiency.

    I don’t think that will be enough.