Hokies Basketball: Capel or Greenberg

Smokey JonesContributor IMarch 31, 2009

MEMPHIS, TN - MARCH 27:  Head coach Jeff Capel of the Oklahoma Sooners calls out while taking on the Syracuse Orange during the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament South Regionals at the FedExForum on March 27, 2009 in Memphis, Tennessee.  (Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

The Virginia Tech Hokies basketball program has recently considered Jeff Capel to coach Hokies basketball after next season. The decision whether to send Capel a five year 27 million dollar contract will made at the end of the season.

The Hokies previously considered Capel while he was at Virginia Commenwealth University (VCU) but he later took the Oklahoma job. This next season is Capel's last before he can sign a new contract with Oklahoma.

One possible attraction for Coach Capel is Virginia Tech's closeness to his hometown. He is a Fayetville, North Carolina native. He has relatives close to Blacksburg, which could also draw him to the Hokies.

The downsides of heading to Blacksburg is the basketball recognition. The Hokies do not have the visiblity in basketball that Oklahoma has, and is gaining by the day.

The weather changes will most likely not factor in to Capel's decision. Although being in a warm environment is an added attraction at Oklahoma. But the fan base at Virginia Tech is outstanding, they're faithful with their teams. But the chances of the Hokies offering a contract to Capel are 50/50. It all depends on how Coach Seth Greenberg does with the Hokies basketball program this year.