South Carolina Newspaper Trolls Jadeveon Clowney Victim Vincent Smith

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 10, 2013

Photo Credit: Adam Twitty Twitter
Photo Credit: Adam Twitty Twitter

Poor Vincent Smith took one of the biggest hits we have ever seen, but he has continued to get slammed by pretty much everyone, even those at South Carolina's Free Times

The Detroit Free Press ran a hilarious ad taken out of a South Carlina paper. It's all thanks to this tweet from Adam Twitty.

Tampa,FL newspaper classifieds #clowney #Gamecocks…

— Adam Twitty (@AdamCTwitty) January 10, 2013


While the tweet mentions Tampa, Florida, the The Detroit Free Press states the faux advertisement comes from "the Free Times in Columbia, S.C."

No matter, because the main point in the ad is the perfect and perhaps final blow to Michigan fans who had to endure a loss and the sight of their running back getting blown to smithereens at the Outback Bowl. 

Really, this may be just a greedy act on my part to see one of my favorite plays from the past season. It rarely gets better than this tackle from Jadeveon Clowney. 

As you can see, Vincent Smith's helmet gets popped clean from the athlete's head and well into obscurity. If you have seen the helmet, you now have a number to call. 

Be warned, as the report found out, the number is merely to Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. 

As for the producers of this troll in a local newspaper, the sponsor is an Uncle Louie's Bar, a watering hole that no doubt has some pretty pleased customers at the moment. 

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