Zack Ryder Continues to Indicate His YouTube Show Is Coming to an End

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJanuary 10, 2013

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It increasingly looks like wrestling's most famous YouTube show is coming to an end.

On the most recent Z! True Long Island Story, Zack Ryder strongly hinted that he was finishing up the cult show next week. Not so coincidentally, this will mark its official 100th episode.

"I'm not going to let WWE kill my creation,' a melodramatic Ryder cried. "If anyone is going to kill my creation, it's going to be me!" (Fun fact: This entire promo was a homage to Vince McMahon's famous 2002 speech on SmackDown in which he announced he was bringing in the NWO).   

Over at his official Twitter account, Ryder has continued to stress that Z! True Long Island is ending: "The final scene of was just shot."

This came after noting that he was "getting emotional" about making episode 100, which is due out on WWE's official YouTube channel tomorrow.

Ryder also posted a nostalgic picture on Instagram that showed the evolution of the Internet Wrestling championship, as well as a photo of himself along with his father and close friends Mike Chiapetta and "The Big O" after filming the final scene for the episode. (All three have served as regular supporting characters throughout the show's duration.)   

Of course, it's possible this is all some elaborate joke. Maybe Ryder is intending to pull out the rug from under everyone and claim all the talk of the show ending was merely a publicity stunt to get more views.

However, it seems much more likely that Ryder is being wholly genuine here.

Indeed, the former United States champion has complained before about WWE messing with Z! True Long Island Story.

So it may be possible he's decided it's simply easier to be done with the whole thing that continue to battle management.   

There's also the fact that, after 100 episodes, it probably is a the right time for show to come to its natural conclusion. To be frank, it's not nearly as good as it once was. Or as fresh. After all how many times can he hear Ryder complain about his lowly status in the company?

Ryder may be smart to kill off the show before it fades into total irrelevance.