Pac-12 Football: 2013 Pac-12 Football Schedules Have Been Released

Lisa Horne@LisaHornePac-12 and Big 12 Lead WriterJanuary 10, 2013

Pac-12 Football: 2013 Pac-12 Football Schedules Have Been Released

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    The Pac-12 conference released its 2013 football schedule on Thursday. 

    This year the Pac-12 football Championship Game will be held on a Saturday—the conference had previously held it on the Friday directly following its last regular season game. 

    Also of note is that there will be five Thursday night games and four Friday night games.

    As always, games are subject to change due to weather or unforeseeable circumstances but for now, here are the Pac-12 teams' 2013 schedules. 

Arizona Wildcats

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    August 31: Northern Arizona

    September 7: at UNLV

    September 14: UTSA

    September 21: bye

    September 28: at Washington

    October 5: bye

    October 10 (Thursday): at USC

    October 19: Utah

    October 26: at Colorado

    November 2: at Cal

    November 9: UCLA

    November 16: Washington State

    November 23: Oregon

    November 30: at Arizona State


    The nonconference schedule is a cupcake, but the Wildcats did draw Washington and Oregon from the North. 

Arizona State Sun Devils

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    August 31: bye

    September 7: Sacramento State

    September 14: Wisconsin

    September 21: at Stanford

    September 28: USC

    October 5: Notre Dame (at Arlington, TX)

    October 12: Colorado

    October 19: Washington

    October 26: bye

    October 31 (Thursday): at Washington State

    November 9: at Utah

    November 16: Oregon State

    November 23: at UCLA

    November 30: Arizona


    Having a bye during the first week is unsettling, but playing Sacramento State before a four-game stretch of Wisconsin, Stanford, USC and Notre Dame is downright scary. 

Colorado Buffaloes

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    August 31: Colorado State (at Denver)

    September 7: Central Arkansas

    September 14: Fresno State

    September 21: bye

    September 28: at Oregon State

    October 5: Oregon

    October 12: at Arizona State

    October 19: bye

    October 26: Arizona

    November 2: at UCLA

    November 9: at Washington

    November 16: Cal

    November 23: USC

    November 30: at Utah


    Colorado could be 2-0 after the first two weeks of play, but after that it gets dicey. The Buffs drew both Oregon schools from the North and also play at Washington.  


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    August 31: Northwestern

    September 7: Portland State

    September 14: Ohio State

    September 21: bye

    September 28: at Oregon

    October 5: Washington State

    October 12: at UCLA

    October 19: Oregon State

    October 26: at Washington

    November 2: Arizona

    November 9: USC

    November 16: at Colorado

    November 23: at Stanford

    November 30: bye


    Cal opens the season against Northwestern and Ohio State, has to go on a road trip to Oregon for its fourth game and then somehow ended up getting a second bye at the end of the schedule? Ugh.  


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    August 31: Nevada

    September 7: bye

    September 14: at Nebraska

    September 21; New Mexico State

    September 28: bye

    October 3 (Thursday) at Utah

    October 12: Cal

    October 19: at Stanford

    October 26: at Oregon

    November 2: Colorado

    November 9: at Arizona

    November 15 (Friday) Washington

    November 23: Arizona State

    November 30: at USC


    Nevada is actually a nice opener for UCLA, but at Nebraska the following week will be tough and two consecutive road trips to Stanford and Oregon won't be easy either.  


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    August 29 (Thursday): at Hawai'i

    September 7: Washington State

    September 14: Boston College

    September 21: Utah State

    September 28: at Arizona State

    October 5: bye

    October 10 (Thursday): Arizona

    October 12; bye

    October 19: at Notre Dame

    October 26: Utah

    November 1 (Thursday): at Oregon State

    November 9: at Cal

    November 16: Stanford

    November 23: at Colorado

    November 30: UCLA


    USC plays Hawai'i, so the Trojans opted for the 13-game schedule. Why, oh why did they add those upset-minded Utah State Aggies? The only good news is that at least USC avoided Oregon from the North.


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    August 29 (Thursday): Utah State

    September 7: Weber State

    September 14: Oregon State

    September 21: at BYU

    September 28: bye

    October 3 (Thursday): UCLA

    October 12: Stanford

    October 19: at Arizona

    October 26: at USC

    November 2: bye

    November 9: Arizona State

    November 16: at Oregon

    November 23: at Washington State

    November 30: Colorado


    The Utes could be 1-3 after their first four games, but it's more concerning that Utah drew Oregon, Oregon State and Stanford from the North. 


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    August 31: bye

    September 7: San Jose State

    September 14: at Army

    September 21: Arizona State

    September 28: at Washington State

    October 5: Washington

    October 12: at Utah

    October 19: UCLA

    October 26: at Oregon State

    November 2: bye

    November 7 (Thursday): Oregon

    November 16: at USC

    November 23: Cal

    November 30: Note Dame


    An opening bye is awful, but finishing up the season versus Oregon, at USC and then against Cal and Notre Dame is the true definition of a "backloaded" schedule. 


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    August 31: Boise State

    September 7: bye

    September 14: Illinois at Soldier Field, Chicago

    September 21: Idaho State

    September 28: Arizona

    October 5: at Stanford

    October 12: Oregon

    October 19: at Arizona State

    October 26: Cal

    November 2: bye

    November 9: Colorado

    November 15 (Friday): at UCLA

    November 23: at Oregon State

    November 29 (Friday): Washington State


    This is actually one of the better schedules in the Pac-12. Except for that October stretch of at Stanford, Oregon and at Arizona State, this is almost perfect. 

Washington State

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    August 31: at Auburn

    September 7: at USC

    September 14: Southern Utah

    September 21: Idaho

    September 28: Stanford

    October 5: at Cal

    October 12: Oregon State

    October 19: at Oregon

    October 26: bye

    October 31 (Thursday): Arizona State

    November 9: bye

    November 16: at Arizona

    November 23: Utah

    November 29 (Friday): at Washington


    Opening at Auburn and then at USC? There are no words....

Oregon State

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    August 31: Eastern Washington

    September 7: Hawai'i

    September 14: at Utah

    September 21: at San Diego State

    September 28: Colorado

    October 5: bye

    October 12: at Washington State

    October 19: at Cal

    October 26: Stanford

    November 1 (Friday): USC

    November 9: bye

    November 16: at Arizona State

    November 23: Washington

    November 29 (Friday): at Oregon


    The Beavers have an ambitious schedule because they open conference play in the third week of the season on the road. They also better not sleep on San Diego State. 


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    August 31: Nicholls State

    September 7: at Nevada

    September 14: Tennessee

    September 21: bye

    September 28: Cal

    October 5: at Colorado

    October 12: at Washington

    October 19: Washington State

    October 26: UCLA

    November 2: bye

    November 7: at Stanford

    November 16: Utah

    November 23: at Arizona

    November 29 (Friday): Oregon State


    The Ducks drew Colorado, Arizona, UCLA and Utah from the South—that's not a bad draw.