Max Suter Enjoys His Midriff and the End of the Round Ball Thingy

Danny CarberryContributor IMarch 30, 2009

Hey Max~When is the team going full monty?

Well another season has ended for the Gentlemen Orange. Although I am a bit sad over the pillage by those Midwesterners, I am having a gleeful outlook to the upcoming Orange Football campaign. We can only hope!

I had the opportunity to watch the game in Clifton Park, NY at the lovely Tailgators and say hello to Idiot extraordinaire, Russianator and chat some Syracuse basketball while pounding down some Cheap beer and wings.

If you are ever in the Clifton Park area and are with a few of your buddies, stop by Tailgators. If you could picture a Hooters gone local, you have Tailgators my friends.

And...with better wings!

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