Is the NFL "America's Game?"

Brian LumpkinContributor IMarch 31, 2009

For years, baseball was considered as America's favorite pastime. I think though, that through the years the passion has shifted. Football has taken the lime-light. Every year, starting in April, with the draft, football fans from every walk of life come together to cheer for their respective teams.

When the NFL began the first time back in 1902, the Pittsburgh Stars claimed the first ever championship. Then, there was no forward passing and no one was complaining about their contract. They were just happy to be part of a movement to revolutionize a sport.

Soon after, they continued to revolutionize the game by legalizing the forward pass in 1906.

Then in 1920, it was decided that organization was more key and the "modern" football age was born in Canton, OH. Since then, there have been ups and downs.

Now, the NFL is the most profitable sports league in the world. With overall profit's of almost $1 Billion. The following is just as staggering, with fan loyalty that continues no matter where a person lives or what they do. 

The sport does, like all sports, have their problem children and financial woes. Players like T.O., Pacman Jones, and Bill Romanowski have shown that the NFL is not above other leagues with bad attitudes. 

Also, the looming end of the CBA and the cap-less season could spell financial disaster to the league that we all love so much.  The behind the scenes stuff that most of us fans will never know about is what keeps everything running. 

Roger Goodell and his cronies should do whatever they can to get a new Bargaining agreement in place before the end of the current one, or I fear it could spell the beginning of the end of the sport we all know and love. 

Football will live on regardless of what happens with the CBA, but the face of the game could be changed forever. For better or for worse? That is your decision.