San Diego State's Jamaal Franklin Doesn't Need Help with Alley-Oop in Sick Dunk

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Sometimes, if you want to produce something spectacular, you have to do it yourself. At least, that's what San Diego State's Jamaal Franklin figured recently. 

The Aztecs junior guard helped his team in a close win over Fresno State on Wednesday, 65-62. At some point during that gritty battle, Franklin decided to throw in some dazzle. 

Sure, his 20 points and 18 rebounds were nice, and they no doubt helped No. 16 San Diego State get the win. However, it's this dunk that will resonate for the rest of the season. 

In the second half, with a six-point game in hand for the Aztecs, Franklin pushed the floor in what seemed to be a three-on-three opportunity. 

I say seemed because the audacious guard decided to make this a lone battle against a trio of Bulldogs. He does what nobody expects him to do, and it's the reason he's so successful. 

Had any of the defenders thought he would be mad enough to lob himself an alley-oop off the backboard, they may have been more inclined to step in and stop it. 

Instead, they took a figurative seat and watched along with the rest of the crowd, who couldn't help but let out a cheer—despite this game taking place at Fresno's Save Mart Center. 

The best part is that he quickly ran up court and got back on defense after, like he had it planned all along and didn't even impress himself. 

Go on with your bad self, Mr. Franklin.  

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