Quarterbacks the Kansas City Chiefs Should Stay Away from

Farzin Vousoughian@farzin21Contributor IIIJanuary 10, 2013

Quarterbacks the Kansas City Chiefs Should Stay Away from

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    Andy Reid is the new head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs while a new general manager, most likely John Dorsey, is expected to be hired soon. That means the new coach and general manager will want to start over and work with a clean slate.

    If that is the case, this spells the end for Matt Cassel, whose had a disappointing run as a Chiefs quarterback. Brady Quinn, Kansas City's other quarterback, only signed a one-year deal last offseason.

    That means a new quarterback will come into town. Will he be from free agency, the trade or the draft?

    While speculations begin over who should be the new Chiefs quarterback, I'll tell you which quarterbacks the Chiefs should stay far away from.

Seahawks QB Matt Flynn

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    After having a stellar performance against the Detroit Lions in Week 17 of the 2011 season, Matt Flynn drew a lot of hype from the media in his final game as a Green Bay Packer.

    He threw for 480 yards and six touchdown passes against the Lions in the 2011 finale. The Seattle Seahawks pulled the trigger and signed Flynn to a three-year deal. Flynn was set to compete against Russell Wilson and Tarvaris Jackson for the starting spot. He fell short and is Seattle's second quarterback.

    But some fans are still sold on his performance against the Lions. Let's not forget, former Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli brought in Cassel after just one good season.

    Flynn still has a lot to prove in the NFL. There is a reason he was drafted in the seventh round.

Eagles QB Michael Vick

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    Since coming out of Virginia Tech in 2001, Michael Vick has turned into one of the most popular players on the field. Even after his two-year absence from football due to off the field issues, Vick still has some fans who enjoy watching him play and follow him closely.

    But this past season, Vick disappointed a lot of fans after throwing for 12 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

    While earning his second chance with the Philadelphia Eagles under Reid, Vick has reached some career-highs. Even so, Vick and the Eagles haven't had much success as a team.

    Vick might be an upgrade over what the Chiefs have now at quarterback. However, he will be 33 before the 2013 season and has struggled the past two seasons protecting the football.

    Vick is only a slight upgrade over Cassel.

Bills QB Tarvaris Jackson

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    Jackson was inactive for a majority of the 2012 season. He was only see in the preseason with the Seahawks while being given a chance to redeem himself and become the starting quarterback. He now finds himself traveling to different NFL cities, most recently in Buffalo.

    If Brad Childress, who is interviewing with the Chiefs, ends up in Kansas City as an offensive assistant coach, there is a chance he might bring his past players from Minnesota with him.

    Childress was the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings before Leslie Frazier. Before the Vikings landed Brett Favre, Jackson was Minnesota's top quarterback. Jackson had little upside while playing under center for the Vikings.

    Bringing him to Kansas City, even as a backup, would not be a smart choice. Hopefully Childress stays away from players from his past and works with Reid on finding better options.

Redskins QB Kirk Cousins

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    Twenty-five years have gone by since a quarterback the Chiefs drafted led Kansas City to a win. Meanwhile, the Washington Redskins won with two different rookie quarterbacks.

    Robert Griffin III won nine games as a starting quarterback while Kirk Cousins filled as a starting quarterback against the Cleveland Browns and led the Redskins to victory.

    But let's not jump on the Cousins' bandwagon just yet. He won just one game. He could start over Cassel and Quinn and be an upgrade, but the Redskins used a fourth-round pick on him and would demand a lot for Cousins.

    Cousins, like Flynn, has more to prove before a team should make a big offer to trade for him. Chiefs fans already witnessed the disappointment of Cassel after he was traded for and immediately signed to a six-year deal. Chiefs fans would hate to see the same mistake happen.

Kansas State QB Collin Klein

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    Sorry, Kansas State fans. Lots of Chiefs fans who read this are Kansas State fans and won't be happy.

    Klein dominated in the Big 12, which is what he was supposed to do. But in terms of going from college to pro football, Klein's performance with Kansas State isn't a big enough sell to have him drafted high and it'd be hard to survive in the NFL.

    Kansas State, coincidentally the team Klein played for, gave up 22.2 points per game, which ranked them first in the Big 12. However, from a national stand point, Kansas State is 28th.

    In other words, playing against defenses in the Big 12 isn't a tall order. Four Big 12 teams allowed more than 30 points per game on average, making it easy for Big 12 offenses to burn the scoreboard.

    But what separates Klein from West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith, who also played well in the Big 12, is the way the two play the quarterback position. Both players play the position differently.

    Smith's style promises him a legitimate shot with an NFL team while the offense Klein played under at Kansas State would not work against NFL teams.